Saturday, November 17, 2012

hey peeps! how was your holiday? it's a looong weekend for everyone ey.most of my colleague took three days off and they got the whole week to themselves! bestnyaaa!! as for me, i just took one day off which is Friday! weeehooo!! went to the malls with ma girl! fuh! walking in 3 inches heels for 5 hours straight is suicide! :P but it was great fun! did you know that you can walk straight from KLCC to Pavillion? without even getting out of the mall! yep! now you have KLCC Pavilion Pedestrian Walkway bridge! how cool is that! i think it took us 15mins walk to reach's a great workout for you girls who just had a nice plate of pasta for lunch like me :D

more info here : KLCC Pavilion Pedestrian Walkway Bridge

it's really cool! i think i finally get my power walking and build some muscles on my calves. wawot took me to some shops which i rarely go like Muji  i remembered this brand before cause i thought i had some colorful pens i bought while i was studying in Japan. i didn't know they were HUGE deal in Malaysia. :P well the prices are a wee bit unreasonable but when i saw the tags in Yen..well they actually marked it up to 4times the prices in Japan..hmmm..maybe because it's imported. fair enough.

and then we went scouting for some handbags, and yesh! i finally found THE bag! aahhh please hurry December! I can't wait for Christmas sale so i can finally put my hands on those bags! * have given the green light,right? ^__^ * and we went browsing for some watches and leather goods.hmm i think i have found the right place to go for hantaran shopping *hey ho! lets go!* and so...after the loooongg and tiring walk..we quenched our thirst. well of course, it's Chatime :)

that's wawot a.k.a najwa :) she knows every turf of klcc and pavi :P

that's a happy girl with her chatime ;D
oh a must go place for every girl is Sephora! ahhhh i had make up-gasm! :P
oh these eye candy goods. sigh..i miss london..

so that's how i spent my friday off..despite the excruciating pain on my toes..but i survived with no blisters from that long hours in heels *yeayy!!* and i do need to do this more! it's fun and u just have the whole day to yourself without worrying what to do next. oh mind you, i suggest you to take train. pleasee!! if you are driving, i bet you will not saved as much time like i did ;) and hassle free! (that explains the 5hours walk in heels,huh)  ok.hope you had a nice lonngg weekend :) and Salam Maal Hijrah to my Muslim friends, may this year brings happiness to all of you. I know I'm getting married this year! (according to Islamic Calendar of course ;P ) much love xx

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