Friday, November 23, 2012

hey peeps! happy flyday!! have you watched Breaking Dawn Part II? oh my! i know i had a great time watching it!! and encik too! (despite the previous night when we watched Instabul Aku Datang, a chic flick..but i dragged him to watch Tomok.erk! bad decision!) and so,we celebrated our third year of watching Twilight sagas together..our anniversary is not until Monday..but come to think about it..we had been watching the Twilight Saga since the day we first met! three years in a row! (we made our own love saga too! haha) alhamdulillah..this year will be our third year of friendship and love..and In Shaa Allah, this year (1434H) we will finally tie a knot..In Shaa Allah.. (nervous just to think about it)

isn't it scary? i don't know you..but most of my close friends are married.with kids *bless them* and i am happy to see them happy and some might have quite a chaotic life..haha but definitely happy..but to think about marriage and commitments. masha Allah..i am clueless.seriously. girlfriend and boyfriend or fiance'-fiance kinda of commitment is totally different from a husband and wife commitment you see. it's like taking a HUGE step or LEAP into a whole different will have to face the same person every single day.the person who you told that you love them every single might be a different person after you wake up the next morning.haha..but no,i am not scaring anyone here..but i was thinking of the bigger picture..

when talk about marriage,well actually i BARELY talk about it..but i do monologue sometimes :P i have lots of missions and visions that i want to reach in my life.i want to have a nice house where i will call home.i want to have a car which i can drive my kids to school or going back to Kelantan for Raya..aahhh..verangan is niceeee... T___T and so,i was thiking..i wanna do too many things but all at the same time..crazy right?but i stand for 'i'll get my ducks in a row' you see. when i was younger well,when i just graduated.i have these adrenaline pumping inside me and i want to do everything! i wanna have a car. have a good job.have a husband.all! all! all in one go.but no no..dear Allah have better plans for all of we have to plan for ourselves too.

when i first start my job as an Analyst Programmer 6 years back..i knew that I do something in the IT field.but what kind of job do i want,right? and then later came car.well, actually..i never thought of having a mom did the thinking for me.when i first start of my job,i used mom's Merc to work.what de? i don't feel comfortable driving a car that doesn't belong to me.haha! so for the first 6months it's either i was chaffeured or i drove that car to my mom decided that i need a smaller car for myself.(mind you,driving her car..even MY friend could not see me sitting behind the big is that?LOL) and so,i bought my precious faithful one.and so i have been using it for the past 5 years *alhamdulillah* and now after 5 years.i am thinking about having a new car. *le sigh* and a house.

now that i'm getting married..i'm thinking of buying a house.should i? see,semua pun haku nak.nak kawen.nak umah.nak kete :P hehehe..and now i'm torn between all these three..i think i need to take a deeeeeeppp breath...focus focus focus. learn to prioritize..which one is the bigger picture.buying a car..i already own a car. buying a house..i should get one since the houses price are increasing each and every year! T___T and so the only thing that is reachable now is i think i will focus on that first, then come the house..then come the car.right? i gotta get my ducks in a row remember? :D have a nice flyday! much love xx

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