Friday, November 23, 2012

hey peeps! happy flyday!! have you watched Breaking Dawn Part II? oh my! i know i had a great time watching it!! and encik too! (despite the previous night when we watched Instabul Aku Datang, a chic flick..but i dragged him to watch Tomok.erk! bad decision!) and so,we celebrated our third year of watching Twilight sagas together..our anniversary is not until Monday..but come to think about it..we had been watching the Twilight Saga since the day we first met! three years in a row! (we made our own love saga too! haha) alhamdulillah..this year will be our third year of friendship and love..and In Shaa Allah, this year (1434H) we will finally tie a knot..In Shaa Allah.. (nervous just to think about it)

isn't it scary? i don't know you..but most of my close friends are married.with kids *bless them* and i am happy to see them happy and some might have quite a chaotic life..haha but definitely happy..but to think about marriage and commitments. masha Allah..i am clueless.seriously. girlfriend and boyfriend or fiance'-fiance kinda of commitment is totally different from a husband and wife commitment you see. it's like taking a HUGE step or LEAP into a whole different will have to face the same person every single day.the person who you told that you love them every single might be a different person after you wake up the next morning.haha..but no,i am not scaring anyone here..but i was thinking of the bigger picture..

when talk about marriage,well actually i BARELY talk about it..but i do monologue sometimes :P i have lots of missions and visions that i want to reach in my life.i want to have a nice house where i will call home.i want to have a car which i can drive my kids to school or going back to Kelantan for Raya..aahhh..verangan is niceeee... T___T and so,i was thiking..i wanna do too many things but all at the same time..crazy right?but i stand for 'i'll get my ducks in a row' you see. when i was younger well,when i just graduated.i have these adrenaline pumping inside me and i want to do everything! i wanna have a car. have a good job.have a husband.all! all! all in one go.but no no..dear Allah have better plans for all of we have to plan for ourselves too.

when i first start my job as an Analyst Programmer 6 years back..i knew that I do something in the IT field.but what kind of job do i want,right? and then later came car.well, actually..i never thought of having a mom did the thinking for me.when i first start of my job,i used mom's Merc to work.what de? i don't feel comfortable driving a car that doesn't belong to me.haha! so for the first 6months it's either i was chaffeured or i drove that car to my mom decided that i need a smaller car for myself.(mind you,driving her car..even MY friend could not see me sitting behind the big is that?LOL) and so,i bought my precious faithful one.and so i have been using it for the past 5 years *alhamdulillah* and now after 5 years.i am thinking about having a new car. *le sigh* and a house.

now that i'm getting married..i'm thinking of buying a house.should i? see,semua pun haku nak.nak kawen.nak umah.nak kete :P hehehe..and now i'm torn between all these three..i think i need to take a deeeeeeppp breath...focus focus focus. learn to prioritize..which one is the bigger picture.buying a car..i already own a car. buying a house..i should get one since the houses price are increasing each and every year! T___T and so the only thing that is reachable now is i think i will focus on that first, then come the house..then come the car.right? i gotta get my ducks in a row remember? :D have a nice flyday! much love xx

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

hello peeps!last weekend was awesome! i think i had the longest day off ever well actually i only took one day off on Friday..but my awesome weekend started off since Mondaayyyy! woohooo..i spent most of my day off at mom's and had Deepavali breakfast with ma girls! and went back to work the next day..and watched James Bond on Wednesday night and went to sister's house for a sleepover..aghhhhh i had ♥ ♥ ♥ overload!! i miss my niece!! my one and only niece!!she's like the most adorable cutest little creature on earth!! aghhhh!! hahaha and i'm gonna go to her graduation this weekend! i bet she's gonna be doing her cutest performance ever!! agghhhh too cutee!! too cuteee!!

by the way, when i went to klcc the other day..i was reallyy having a good time! it's been awhile since i last had a girly girl outing :P soo..with my height, hmm barely 5'2" i this shorty needs to put on some heels you on that day..i did not realize that i'm gonna walk for a freaking straight five hours on those heels.well, the heels were barely there actually..i think it was only 2inches heels.but boyyy..first two hours were fine...but the rest of the hours were excruciating walks.haha! but alhamdulillah..i managed to made it through..cause i had some ways of walking 'in pain' hmm something like doing a huge step kinda walk..dah almost terkangkang pun ada! hahahah but yeah..every girls need a nice comfy shoes right? but how do i get a nice comfy shoes but with heights? :P i see those pretty ladies with nice long skirts..wearing pretty high!! envious! how did they walk for long hours??

my friend told me that if i plan to wear heels, make sure that i'm not going for long hours of walking..make sure that i am sitting most of the time in heels..what?? so what are those heels for,then? rugi je tau..pakai cantik-cantik pastu kena duduk :P so i came across these gorgeous melissa shoes! aahhhh..i've always love 'plastic shoes'.. something rubber and jelly.hehe...i used to wear crocs at work.yep, you heard's not those rubber clogs that most people's the one with velvety cover at the outside..but recently my faithful crocs had decided to die on me.not die, but the velvet cover had slowly fell off..something like tarnish..sobsob..these were my shoes.and yes, after 3 years of hardship..they are now my going to pasar shoes :P sayang....

my mccall winter

my lily winter
but look at these!! how can you not love these shoes! Melissa Shoe has just launched their new shop in One Utama! yeayyy!! kampung halaman! :) :) :) and boy,aren't they gorgeous and comfy?? i think every girls need these! at least one! they are gorgeously comfortable i bet you! but i have not yet have the chance to scout for their shoes time *sob*Sob* but i will definitely get this for this coming festive season! yeehaaa!!

these are the vivienne westwood for melissa

i think most of the collection that i like are from the vivienne's hmmm and oh my are these comfy?? and how about this one! i think i don't mind walking in this one! they are all jelly shoes by the way so its super comfy!

these are by jason wu

and perhaps for wedding anyone?
this, my friend, is what every girl needs! ;) aahhhh i just had a shoegasm!!hahahah ok.masuk seringgit dalam tabung sekarang! ;P much love xx

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

hey peeps! how was your holiday? it's a looong weekend for everyone ey.most of my colleague took three days off and they got the whole week to themselves! bestnyaaa!! as for me, i just took one day off which is Friday! weeehooo!! went to the malls with ma girl! fuh! walking in 3 inches heels for 5 hours straight is suicide! :P but it was great fun! did you know that you can walk straight from KLCC to Pavillion? without even getting out of the mall! yep! now you have KLCC Pavilion Pedestrian Walkway bridge! how cool is that! i think it took us 15mins walk to reach's a great workout for you girls who just had a nice plate of pasta for lunch like me :D

more info here : KLCC Pavilion Pedestrian Walkway Bridge

it's really cool! i think i finally get my power walking and build some muscles on my calves. wawot took me to some shops which i rarely go like Muji  i remembered this brand before cause i thought i had some colorful pens i bought while i was studying in Japan. i didn't know they were HUGE deal in Malaysia. :P well the prices are a wee bit unreasonable but when i saw the tags in Yen..well they actually marked it up to 4times the prices in Japan..hmmm..maybe because it's imported. fair enough.

and then we went scouting for some handbags, and yesh! i finally found THE bag! aahhh please hurry December! I can't wait for Christmas sale so i can finally put my hands on those bags! * have given the green light,right? ^__^ * and we went browsing for some watches and leather goods.hmm i think i have found the right place to go for hantaran shopping *hey ho! lets go!* and so...after the loooongg and tiring walk..we quenched our thirst. well of course, it's Chatime :)

that's wawot a.k.a najwa :) she knows every turf of klcc and pavi :P

that's a happy girl with her chatime ;D
oh a must go place for every girl is Sephora! ahhhh i had make up-gasm! :P
oh these eye candy goods. sigh..i miss london..

so that's how i spent my friday off..despite the excruciating pain on my toes..but i survived with no blisters from that long hours in heels *yeayy!!* and i do need to do this more! it's fun and u just have the whole day to yourself without worrying what to do next. oh mind you, i suggest you to take train. pleasee!! if you are driving, i bet you will not saved as much time like i did ;) and hassle free! (that explains the 5hours walk in heels,huh)  ok.hope you had a nice lonngg weekend :) and Salam Maal Hijrah to my Muslim friends, may this year brings happiness to all of you. I know I'm getting married this year! (according to Islamic Calendar of course ;P ) much love xx

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Thursday, November 08, 2012

last saturday we had a small mini gath for fizz ♥ her lovely hubs, Fio made a secret pack with some of the sspian girls to held a surprise gathering for fizz because she had been complaining to her hubs that she hasn't see the girls for ages. and now,with 6months preggy belly..she barely able to get to places where we hung out.sooo..her lovely hubs made a pack with us for over a month for her. the actual plan was to gather at Grafa, Subang. But Grafa was still under renovation on that date, so we decided to choose Delicious at Dua Residency instead.Which is much closer to fizz's house in was funny when we had this group of whatsapp in our phone and fizz's hubby need to secretly hide the whole plan.can u imagine, a husband hiding a mischievous agenda from his beloved wife? a pregnant one! LOL..although we had some clash dates throughout the plans when we actually forgotten that the actual planned date was on Hari Raya Haji! hahahaha..we were too excited for the surprise we almost forgot that everyone needs to balik kampung.

so we decided to do it the week after..well,to even set another date was also of the girls need to wait for her husband to arrive all the way from Muar so he can send her for the of the girls even got a CHESS tournament in the morning.and some might need to cancel due to other plans..but alhamdulillah..we finally booked a date, which was on the 3rd of November.we were all stoked to surprise her and alhamdulillah..most of us were there!yeayy!! and the trickiest part is the grand entrance.we were all sitting with our backs facing her..but eija! hahaha she was the only one sitting facing the entrance.and fizz actually saw her!! LOL but eija was dodging her head trying to ignore fizz..and fizz was like 'oh..ok.maybe it's not eija'..hahahaha!! when her hubby actually brought her to our table..we were all like.."hey fizz..haii..surprisee!!" (^____^)

she was "heyyyy..kenapa semua ada kat sini...??mana ateq" and ateq was actually fiza's husband's so call friend who initially used as a camouflager .her husband dragged her to Delicious just to meet ateq.kononnya nak hantar barang..butttt..there was no was the girls who awaited her there :) besh kan?? so sweet of her husband :D :D :D like sejuta kali!!

so we had a great time catching up..and to our surprise some of the girls are actually having baby number two! yeayyy!! to Eija, Hikma, and Jid! and of cos fizz too! they were also around the same due dates! can u believe it? talking about good old friends,huh :) it was really nice to finally get all together sit and relax..enjoy each other's company.thanks fio for 'feeding' us.we sure did have a great time :) lets plan another one soon,girls! and perhaps in larger group, aye! hehe..have a nice day peeps! much love xx

the cute lil adra waiting to be fed :D

macadamia cheese cake

bff ♥

the awesome husband, fio. sucha loving family kan ♥

us with all preggers

"mama nak makan! mama nak makan!"

adra waving at herself.hehe self potrait

all of us who came! love u girls ♥

me and preggers.opps except inarah (bakal kut)

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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

*cough cough* it has been sucha realllyy cold week for's been raining since saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday..kaboom!! the flu bug bit me.. :(  i was down with a fever from monday night til yesterday.went to get the meds from the clinic.the thing is,i don't know about you..but EVERY SINGLE time i was down with a fever the night before..i will go to the clinic right away the day after..BUTTTT!! the moment i was in the checking room, my temperature was not even above average! i was in the normal temperature. kapishh! i don't know where did all the heat went. i was really hot in the morning, and when i went to meet the doctor..i will only end up with a flu tabs,and some paracetamols and vit C. pfftt!! baik pergi farmasi je camni! :P

but alhamdulillah..after a good rest last night..i am back at work now..i don't like the feverish makes you feel weak and i choose to go back to the office and act like normal (although it is shivering cold in here!!) i hope i had the right pills popping inside you know what is the best supplement or diet foods for your body? well for me, i prefer to choose the right meds/pills according to my blood type. i am type O i was refering to this website :

blood type O positive Diet foods &  Diet foods for type O blood type
photo courtesy of Fotolia
i think it's kinda true though. i have all these symptoms :P well most of it.maybe i have trouble in regulate my thyroid which causing the gaining of weights. (or maybe it's just me eating too much but insyaAllah, if we try to prevent from uninvited is best for us to practice what we believe is good for our body,right? so i need to pile up some veggies into the fridge now.i'm low on the brocoli this week :D and maybe i should try eating 1 cup serving of dry cereals,huh? :) we'll see.

how about you? what is your daily supplement that u been religiously practice everyday? :) maybe you can share with me! perhaps i can add up some new menus into my new cooking skills ;)  have a nice day peeps! much love xx

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Friday, November 02, 2012

oh my oh my! when i saw these popping colors for winter! my heart screamsss for these!! thanks to hanie hidayah  for the chance for me to finally own one! (finger crossed)  what caught my eyes the most are these beautiful collection in my favourite popping colors : fuschia and ultraviolet! ♥

Picture : Courtesy of Hanie Hidayah
oh my! when i see these, my heart actually skips a beat! i really love these collection because it compliments my 'coming anniversary' dinner dress! i really hope that i could win one of these so it could be an additional splash of color to my magical night :)  thanks Coach & hanie! ♥ *wink*

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