Tuesday, October 02, 2012

lately fashionistas are busy with color blocking which i am yet to understand what and how was it to put the color blocking on me without ending up becoming a paddle pop ice cream.lol.

so recently i am doing a sugar block diet.and nope.it doesn't work.LOL.cos i will always find my way to at least one or two pieces of those hershey's kisses (now i've finished it all..pfftt!) so i am trying to do the atkins diet.pfft! atkins what?? well my dietitian told me that i need to do a sugarblock diet. which means, no sugar.no potatoes.no rice.or anything to do with carbs.so the first 4 days last week, i made it! alhamdulillah..but i bailed on weekend.just to reward myself with some nice food :P

but i did cut down on my rice though.from 15times a week.to twice a week.haha.gila drastik kan? but no,it's not easy. (i can't help but salute Raimi.cos he's like the low carb/no carb guru!) so i just got started this sugar roadblocking.but i prefer to just take it slow.cut down on my carbs.mostly rice.and i narrow it to 'at least' 20g of carbs per day. (just like atkins diet) but oh boy!i think it's kinda torturing me (no,actually its not torturing..it's just that i am pure MALAY that can't live without rice.lol) but alhamdulillah..i made it through.it's just that i'm out of ideas to make varieties of meals.i was down to omelette and sausages.and sautee veggies.and fish fillet (tofu), and back to omelette and sausages, sautee veggies.and fish fillet.HAHA! seriously..i need to learn more recipes on these low carb diet.

but if i was to eat on malay meals,i choose just the meat and veggies.it's easier that way.but me and veggies are NO BFF.i do and i can eat veggies..but i will go like this..i think if i'm a small kid, i will making faces like it's the end of freedom.LOL

i scooped like a huge portion of spinaches,and after a while..(let say 10minutes,i feel like puking.hahaha) that is how bad my relationship with veggies are.but,brocolli and asparagus in oyster sauce is fine with me.just don't make me eat it like every seconds of the day.i might die,green!i can eat them,but i am not a big fan.sorry.haha..

so,after going for two weeks (it's my week two..day 8) i'm out of ideas.so i go for KFC.no skins.as long as it's still in the range of my calories intake per day :P i don't want to get myself to drastic with this diet.just to goof around a bit..and see how it goes for me (i'm a foodie by the way) i'm still 11 months away.but i do like this low carb diet.it makes me lighter,but i tend to become hungry every 3hours.haha..so just stocked up some Nuts & Honey Oatmeal biscuits and i'm good to go! insyaAllah ;) ..wish me me luck! ;) have a nice day! ♥ much love xx

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