Wednesday, October 17, 2012

oh my oh my! i'm 45mins away from talking in public today.. (>___<) remember i told you i was taking over a friend's post,the usual work done by gonna be done by me! and i am going to do a 30mins talk about our company's system. scarrryyy!! i mean,it's not like scary scary..kinda thing..more of nervous!! i have not been speaking in public for how many years now?? arrghkkk..i can hear my tummy screaminggg :P

wish me luck peeps! i hope i won't drown by the big podium (knowing my lil petite and no,i don't wear heels at work so don't expect me to put on one! and i know i should at least eat something to calm me down right now.but i'm on my 'puasa ganti' day 12 today.and i think, if i choose to eat will be worse.the more food u have in your body, the more you will feel like 'puking' or 'dispersing' ..oppps!ok2..i gotta go back to rehearsing.i hope everything will go well..bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. much love xx


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