Saturday, October 20, 2012

last night had a last minute plan sushi fix with nuwen at Hokkaido Sushi! but oh my god! i have never eaten such yummy sushi compared to Sakae, or Zanmai or Sushi King pfftt! this is Japan man! ;) i knew it was the right choice to go to that last minute plan dinner when getting there was a jiff! and i could even find a parking spot right in front of the elevator! how awesome is that? last night was like love at first sight again! the food, the company..and my my, i found my favorite croquette again! and it was like being back in Japan.serious!

oh my! this was sedapppp seriously! the yummiest spider roll  ever!

my yasai croquette! shedaaappppp

my tuna salad,nuren's i dunno what, and our smoked salmon

and it was my second time eating the salmon.yucks! haha although it was,i just can't do it :P so i end up giving it to nuwen.haha! we surely had a great time catching up! thanks chunkie! i really need it! lets do it more! ;) hehe and tomorrow.i am soo gonna get my roti canai telur.i is don't care anymore!haha! hope u have a nice weekend too! eat loads of food and fruits too :D much love xx

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