Wednesday, October 31, 2012

hey peeps! how's your Qurban? mine was alhamdulillah..simple and nice.and it was relaxing too! but with toooo much beefs!! bleurghhh!! but it was my first time witnessing the Qurban without feeling fear but blessed. the ceremony was really beautiful (although a little bit freaked out looking at the blood) but i feel like SubhanAllah..sucha beautiful ceremony and peaceful. the pak haji who did the Qurban was really pro. it was less than a minute i guess.  the cow was not struggling he/she was just succumb..but despite the view of the whole ceremony was quite frightful, but i was holding to one word "semoga dia menjadi saksi kita di akhirat nanti..." SubhanaAllah..

Daripada Aisyah r.a Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. telah bersabda yang bermaksud: "Tiada suatu amalan yang dilakukan oleh manusia pada Hari Raya Qurban, yang lebih dicintai Allah selain daripada menyembelih haiwan qurban. Sesungguhnya haiwan qurban itu pada hari kiamat kelak akan datang berserta dengan tanduk-tanduknya, bulu-bulunya dan kuku-kukunya, dan sesungguhnya sebelum darah qurban itu menyentuh tanah, ia (pahalanya) telah diterima disisi Allah, maka beruntunglah kamu semua dengan (pahala) qurban itu."    (Riwayat al-Tarmuzi, Ibnu Majah dan al-Hakim)

and so the whole day for Qurban was spent with family and the ladies was assigned to cut the meat and distribute to the neighbors in kampung. the feeling of slicing the beef was really.. 'rare'. i'm not sure if you've cut a freshly slaughtered cow :P the beef felt warm against your touch. imagine 2 hours before, the cow was still breathing and the warm blood ran through it's veins. the feeling was..masyaAllah..'thrill' and awed. i managed to film a short video of the Qurban ceremony here it's only 21seconds till the cow stopped struggling.masyaAllah..

the next day was spent with close relatives in Pasir Mas and another rounds of beef with some nasi impit and keropok lekors.ahhh..the perks of being Kelantanese ;) we stayed in Kelantan for 3days.and another 2days in Cherating for a short vacayyyy!! after the tonnes of beef eating during hari raya..i think i am done with beefs! :P i had nasi berlauk almost everyday..and nasi dagang, nasi lemak.gosh! i am sooo toasted! 

on the way to Cherating, we can see beautiful sights of coconut palms waving and swaying..we even stopped for some sata and kerepok lekor in was no doubt yummmyyy!!

 so once i reached the hotel, my dad and i decided to do a 30mins swim. they have pretty big swimming pool and up to 6 feet deep. we did few laps..and boyyy, that was reallyyy tiring!! and boyy was i hungry but too tired to go out and find had the Legend Club Sandwich instead. kenyang hingga ke sianggg :")

i think i slept like a baby that night :P and the next day we had a BIGGG breakfast,at least something healthier..(rather than all the oil and fats from beefy meals.. :P)

face too excited cause having the carbs of her
and we then headed back to KL from Cherating. and it was only 2hours and half from Cherating.'s not too tiring and no long hours in the traffic like some of the people drove 12-13 hours from kelantan?? kesiann..all in all..had an awesome Aidiladha. i hope you did too! have a nice day peeps! i'm gonna get my free size up BR today..yum2..much love xx


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