Monday, October 15, 2012

hey peeps! how's everything? ;) i'm not lazy to blog or having a writer's block kinda thing..but i was preoccupied with work lately..i just took over a colleague's work because she has left our department to find a new place for work..(she must be soo stressed with work.. :( ) so since i'm taking over,everything is kinda pumped up at work and i barely have time to,i don't blog at work.but i blog when there's nothing to do.haha! so,looking at the calendar..i's already 15th of October? that's like another 2 weeks to end of October? can you believe it??

i'm not yet in the bride to be mode.yet.but i have started browsing some magazines. just for ideas.i am so confused and gosh! there's so many beautiful dais i tell you! i am over the moon just by looking at it! sheeshh!! but i'm not making any decisions yet.encik is yet to decide on anything which is good.for me.because i am lost and confused we already found the photographer and videographer for our wedding,insyaAllah..if everything goes well :) not jinxing it just yet.and the hall is booked actually,because in TTDI, the hall is like pisang panas! you hafta book like a year ahead! yes. A YEAR! :P pfftt! so at least these three things are most important for me :P but the dresses..hmm nikah dress sent. :D (cepat kan?? haha) so i am left with decorations for the halls,dresses and just the hantaran design etc.of course the rest like doorgifts, family dress etc..but that can be done later :)

i'm not gonna stuffed my head with stressful thoughts for the wedding preps's not like 2months i'm chilling a bit..but once 2013 emerge..i will start to be in 4th gear, at least :P i'm not gonna turn my blog into a bridezilla or bride to be blog.don't may be the last thing i wanna talk about.i prefer my blog to be just about anything happened lately according iphone? haha i remembered back then, when i was 18 (yes,i started blog when I was 18) i love to write.i have 5 diaries! and yes,diaries are more of who's your crush.what made u cry or things that are kept to yourself.but i started to write when i feel like telling people what my mind want to speak. i'm not a good writer,though.i just feel like sharing with people what's new place to go,where's the hype place to get a nice cozy drinks and food. where to hang out with friends,family and loved ones. where i went,how's raya,how's life yada yada yeah,don't let me spoil your mood to read about crappy things ok.. (i'm not a celebrity anyways) maybe just a way to keep long distance friends in UK,US,Japan,Indonesia,Holland and Barcelona close to me :P i miss them, the least i can do is to let them know i'm still living and kicking ♥ so..don't give up reading.i'm still here..just need to tune in with the new schedule ;) have a nice day peeps! much love xx

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