Monday, October 22, 2012

hey's sunny sunday! and sunday is laundry day for me.and i love lazy sundays :) i get more time to spend with my family (i'm a weekend family i know i need to make full use of my weekends with my loved you all know that ten months from now..i will no longer spending time weekends waking up late on my 'haunted bed'. yep,my bad is really haunted..every time i put my head on the pillow..i will end up sleeping for 8hours noise can wake me deep sleep can that be?? my mom has a very superb taste in choosing comforters, pillows and mattresses.i'm beds are all haunted that once u decide to 'just' lie down and watch the ceiling, you will end up taking long hours nap ;P

so i'm sure gonna miss that haunted bed.spacious room and yes,my privacy.i can ensure you,that! hehe..but getting married is not a bad me.i can't give a preach on that for now,but i will let u know when the time comes :) so i'm adjusting to few things like..stretching every Ringgits i have. i have to pick every single detail of food going into my tummy (yes,calories/carbs control) i become really picky when deciding to buy groceries. there's so many things to do but so little money in my pocket. haha! sometimes,we (rashid and i ) were tested with great obstacles.sometimes,when we were about to stack our money..some incidents just keep on surfacing. we were just left with no choice but to chip out a bit of our's saddening but insyaAllah, Allah have great plans for us. for me, i do hope that every single kindness i do..will come back in a good way. i do pray sometimes when i was about to succumb to hardship,i will just be thankful as the obstacles are not greater than what ever we had. maybe it's just a pinch of salt. in every yummy life.

i am also adjusting to become a NO NO person.remember i told you back then, i was really bad at saying NO to things. but for now, i believe that i must be firm and steady with every decisions i make. if i keep on saying yeses and at the end, i was the one who will face the consequences..well i guess you just have to put on a straight face and say NO. that's it. i do pray to be as cold as i can be on that. but i just hope that some people will understand that the things that i do is for my own goodness.not shoosshh scaryy and possessive people! :P work had been's been three years now..but I do hope that the choices that i made will keep my ducks in a row. i do want to pursue my second degree someday.insyaAllah..and i do have all has to line duck after another ok :)

and so,lets laze for's sunday..just stay in,drink coffee and laze around.. (^__^) much love xx

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