Sunday, September 02, 2012

hey peeps! mashaAllah..i had been super duper octopus hands lately.last Raya went like whoooshh!! so fast! my 1 Syawal was spent in TTDI this year.this is like our 3rd time out of EONS!seriously last time I remembered of celebrating Raya in TTDI was when urm..i don't recall :D hehe..but alhamdulillah this year's Syawal brought so much happiness to my life and my family too! :)

first week of Syawal,yours truly has to work.yes, because nobody wants to work on Syawal,so I decided to work for 3 days (cause we got holidays on Monday and Tuesday) and so,come Friday.whooshh!! I was super duper busy doing last minute preparations for my engagement. Most of the stuffs, I did alone. (I don't know how to menyusahkan orang kinda thing.huhu) but glad that my family handled the tent,aircond,fans and plugs part (more like house technical team :P )  for that,I feel like tak cukup tangan!! I vacuumed the house, I mopped the floor, I put on the carpets, I moved the chairs tables and whatsoever is there in the house. The next day was like earrrlyy in the morning, head out to buy some curtain clips, and then swooshed back to check on my engagement dress (this is a story not to be told because I don't feel like looking back anymore.huh!), and swing to do manicure.swing back to fetch the door gifts.swing again like monkey to get the engagement cake.and swooshed back for some facial.and swing again to solat in between the slots.and it's already 5pm.i am left with some fruits shopping and fetching dowries. MashaAllah.serious exhausted! swing by KL Sentral and fetched my Japanese friend, Norie. solat jap.and head out again.for the fruits and dowries.and yes,my engagement dress siap at 9pm.sedih tak? and it did not turned out i bought another dress instead.(sedih kan?but it's both curse and a gift) redha je.and no,i did not even have time to eat the whole dayyyy *cries*cries* but at the end of the day.everything turned out well.alhamdulillah.

my japanese friend was happy to witness her first Malay engagement ceremony, and we made her had a great lifetime experience in Malaysia. and I am happily engaged :) alhamdulillah..thank you to my beloved family who helped me a LOTTT!! and thanks to all who came and did help in any way they can. I am thankful that everything went well..alhamdulillah (yes,despite the dress.I am not gonna make a big deal out of it ) as long as everyone's happy and filled up their tummy with yummy food ;) i do hope everyone is happy though.i know i am :) the whole ceremony went like so quick,all i know people asked me to go berlakon lah sikit kan..saw my beautiful friends and gosh,i feel so relieved! :) thanks BDG! love u long time ♥ and so,everything went just the way i want are some random photos and shots from the event :)

norie, bluebird and via ♥
farah laling  ♥
norie and little nina ♥
budak kecik and me :)
heee..itu saya lepas turun tangga :B
the loveliest macakeron by Whisk Ekspresso ♥
my family :)
thank u fiza ku syg ♥
me and encik tunang in Instax ♥
after make up by  Teyn  she did a great job!
my dowries from encik :)
my iphone being hacked ♥ sayangs!
doorgift for people who came :)
my chunkie munkie ♥
norie trying to be foodie @ Wondermilk +
me and Norie in malacca
i just love this town
picture by encik :)
norie with Masjid Sultan Mizan at the background
the official pictures by the photog a.k.a fio will arrive tomorrow.insyaAllah I will post more :B well of course i'm in awan ke sembilan.hehe..have a nice day peeps! much love xx

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