Thursday, August 09, 2012

hey peeps! how was your Ramadhan? another 9days til fast time flies :(  but alhamdulillah..most of my Ramadhan Resolutions are accomplished.but some aren't due to 'time of the month' :P and yet, there's so many things to be done in this holy month of Ramadhan.

i don't even have enough time to update my blog nowadays. i feel older.unlike 8 years back.when i started blogging.i have soooo much to write.but it's i read back all the archives.i have done so many things.and i have gone to so many place.alhamdulillah..but these days..I'm busy with 'something' and some things :P hehe how was your Ramadhan? did you get to do iftars and tarawaih with you friends? family? i know i missed some.but it's due to 'women issues' :P but some people are too busy to work that they don't have time to have their iftars with family.masha Allah..i am really sorry for them :( maybe it's their obligation to work has concluded to this action. but it's ok.i hope you will have enough time for Allah too :) as it's the 3rd phase of Ramadhan. it's the week when Malaikat will come to earth and look out for you. is it dunia or akhirah that you are after...wallahua'lam..let us be in the eyes of these Malaikat..insyaAllah..

anyways,time has gone so fast! can you believe it? Little Hamzah is already  39 days old. (or should we say 'young') hehe..and soon azz will finished her confinement! yeayyy!! and we can visit you for hari raya!! double yeay!! hehe..and my sister's son, Aniq Naufal is 9days old.hehe shoo schmall..oh! i went to the Metrojaya sale in PICC.mashaAllah...soooo many people i tell you :P and you have to be very keen and steadfast!haha..u must have your aim to find the things you need.kalau tak memang akan tergoda with all those super duper cheap clothes, shoes, make ups, perfumes, baby clothes, toys, cutleries! hahahaha..i siap baca bismillah masa nak masuk k! :D

yesterday the office let us go visit the Kerepek House in Banting!by bus! how cool is that! :P haha well almost all of the ICT staffs went to buy kerepeks for hari raya.(mostly ladies of course!) it was super duper cheap like 1kg = RM7 cheap?!! mashaAllah..seronok! i planned to only buy RM10 kerepeks.and guess what? I got like 2 types of kerepek for that price.and for 1.5kgs!! muahahahhaha hantu kerepek lah haku lepas nih :P but of course it did not end there..called my mom and bought another 3kilos of come to my house if you want yummy kerepek ok! heheehe now all the kuih rayas and kerepek rayas are about baju raya? did you get your desired baju raya? mine, i just made a simple kurung moden out of chiffons.bought some chiffons back in Bandung.alhamdulillah..dah siap dah :) got another baju 'raya' at the tailor.i hope it turned out pretty :D ok peeps! now that i u see how long i wrote?hehe..i hope you will make out the fullest for this Ramadhan.lets get into 3rd gear.full throttle ahead. yosh~ yosh! much love xx

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