Wednesday, August 15, 2012

hey peeps! how's your Raya preparation? I bet everyone is not in a mood to be at work..hehe..even I don't :P the final week before Syawal is a wee bit tough for us since everyone has started to leave for Raya holidays.but me, i am not going back to Kelantan this year. just gonna have raya in Kuala Lumpur this year.

did i tell you about my birthday gift encik gave me? hehe..well besides giving me a nice pair of pumps for work (yes,i love using pumps to work.because we IT person needs to walk alot :P) so he gave me this nice birthday card. inside this card, he gave me super belated surprise birthday gift.

wanna know what it is...? hehe will update you for now, i would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim friends a happy hari raya..maaf zahir batin.sorry for every wrong words or wrong doings.I am just a normal human being who is always in sin and wrongs.I hope all of you could forgive me as much as i will do the same for you :) so,another 3 days of Ramadhan..subhanAllah..lets make the fullest out of it so we could get His and hereafter..waAllahualam.. have a safe journey balik kampung! don't forget to recite the du'a before heading back to Kampung! and don't forget to lock all doors and make sure all the electrical appliances are switched off ;) much love xx

p/s: Oh oh!! it's my 1000th post! alhamdulillah..thank you to all who had been reading this blog ( i know i am not a famous blogger LOL) but yeah,thanks for hearing my thoughts and giving thoughtful all of you! muah muah!xx

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