Thursday, July 26, 2012

hey peeps! how's Ramadhan day 6? I hope all is well in your end. In this beautiful month of Ramadhan,lets us do kindness and hold no grudge to anyone.let it be their fault,but learn to forgive and forget.although it's hard but i hope you could slowly learn to let is too short to stress over people who does not even gives u any benefit right?

But this Revenge,is goood!! :P i was reading a friend's blog when i came across a picture of Victoria Grayson.for those who doesn't know who she is,kindly click here! i can assure you it's an awesome series!! ;) it's my second best after HIMYM hehe ;) if you read about Revenge,the main character is Emily Thorne or previously known Amanda Clarke.but however I don't think that she's really pretty but she definitely has very nice clothes (come on erin! they all have nice clothes on scenes! :P) well you can say almost all of the cast are handsome and gorgeoussss!! but i love Ashley!! her name in the Revenge is Ashley Davenport,but her real name is Ashley Madekwe.she's British and she is GORGEOUSSS!! i love how she speaks and how she walks and ahhhh everythingg!! she even has a blog!! ;) and LOOKBOOK too!! she is soooo prettyyy!!,u must watch Revenge ok.they have hot casts!! I CAN ASSURE YOU!! :P and I can't wait for the Season 2!! i bet Vic Grayson is still alive! what do you think?

ookay! hope you'll get stucked with Revenge like i do! ;) have an awesome Thursday and have a nice Ramadhan peeps! i have something to tell you..but i will post it soon! ;) much love xx

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