Friday, July 20, 2012

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Marhaban ya Ramadhan brothers and sister.i would like to wish all of you a blessful Ramadhan and may all of us granted with His Barakah.insyaAllah.i would also like to seek for forgiveness from all of you people that i know out there.may it be virtual,mutual or true friends.Sorry for all my wrongdoings and may Allah bless all of you.I forgave you too! :) what's your Ramadhan resolution? mine,insyaAllah..i would really hope I will full fill these lists of Resolutions :

1)Solah taraweh everyday. (insyaAllah..but i know we women could not full fill that :P)
2)Increase ibadah and do as much solah sunah on the final 10 days of Ramadhan
in order to get the barakah of Qiamulail.
3)Recite Quran/Tadarus everyday and Khatam my Al-Quran..(i have two Al-Qurans,one at
my apartment and one at i am planning to finish them both in this Ramadhan.insyaAllah)
4)to give alms as much as i could and as little as i can. (doesn't matter if it was only 20cent.insyaAllah)
5)give as much as I at the most moderate manner so my Iiman will be reserved.
6)no movie nor gossip (insyaAllah)
7)spend in need but not in greed.
8)do as much kindness as I each kindness will always be rewarded so much more!
9)less going to the Bazaar to spend too much on food :P
10)try to eat Dates as much as i can! (oh my,i am not a big fan of i really hope this blessful month of Ramadhan will find me the best dates and makes me fall in love with it.AMINNN! ♥)

how about you?have you list out your resolutions? :) ok peeps.have a nice blessful Ramadhan.much love xx


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