Tuesday, July 31, 2012

hey peeps! how's Ramadhan day 11? I hope everyone is still in their fifth gear accelarating towards the peak of Ramadhan..insyaAllah..let us all make full use of it..Remember,it only comes once a year :)

talking about Ramadhan and then come Syawal, i bet everyone is now photo minded :P you will think of the best clothes,scarves,accessories to choose and match so you will look awesome in your photos right? i always have trouble with selecting photos.you see,i started taking photos with my slr since 4 years back,i think.but i am still not good at it.but slowly i've learned about the aperture (click here for definitation) and some of the ISOs and shutter speed and stuffs (pfft! like i know everything! :P) so yeah,all these kind of functions plays an important role in every photos you take.but in case you are lazy, just put the dial at the AUTO mode :P haha

so,after taking loads and loads of amazing photos.how did you choose your photo?you have snapped like thousand of pictures in urmm let say..2hours? haha..i know,camwhores are worst! they can beat u in seconds! LOL but it depends on how you take photos.you just aim and shoot or you wait for the right moment and shoot.or you will always make sure everyone's in the picture?

for me,i like rare.something that not most people see in other people's eye. but i am still not good at it.i still need some polish here and there.people said that taking photos are piece of cake! well i have trouble in finishing THAT slice of cake.haha..i don't just snap the same type of photos.same place.same person.i like my photos without people inside :P i see angles or curves of the buildings and shoot.sometimes i loveeee taking photos of food.i thing food is art. (well mainly served in the fancy restaurant i guess) but i have this fetish of putting my food in a nice proper way (even at home.haha!) so i can shoot and look back and reminiscene.ahh..this chicken grilled i had in here...ohhhh that mac and cheese was surely delicious! and ooohhh that pizza got hair in it! oppps! :P JK

so out of thousands and thousands of photos you take..how did you choose them to be put in a blog.or in your albums?well it depends.some people likes to put the smiling faces of their family,friends and people around them.some people like to take photos of things they do,they wear or they eat.some people like to take photos of beautiful sunsets,waterfalls or serenity of an ocean.it's all in own's taste.i like photos that describes my feeling.like pictures of beautiful sakura,smashing waves against the rocks or photos of my happy smiling babes.hehe u know,those pictures will make you look back and will bring back those feelings you were having at the moment :)

so how do you choose your photo? a picture is worth a thousand words,right? :) hope you will look back at all your amazing photos you took and make you look back and smile.i know i did.. ;) have a nice day.and here are some of my favourite photo of this month.much love xx

all my babes at azz's baby shower/ belated birthday
azz's newborn baby, Amir Hamzah a few weeks after :)


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