Sunday, July 08, 2012

hey peeps! how's your weekend?mine is ohsem pohsem!! soo many gush of good things happened and i am blessed.our dear friend azzahraa gave birth to a beautiful baby boy,Amir Hamzah.alhamdulillah it all went well.and encik and i went to visit little hamzah in his little crib (in the hospital) so cute and cuddly..and softt..feels like touching his face all the time! alhamdulillah,baby and ibu and ayah are all healthy and content! i was overwhelmed too! i get to cuddle hamzah a bit and gave a peck on his cheek.sooo lembuttt!! hehe..

and yesterday spent a whole tiring 4hours at Jalan TAR to get raya stuffs is insane!! i have never experienced going to Jalan TAR and stucked in the traffic FOREVER! i've been there with my parents before but yeah,we went like super duper early as 9am! ;P but yesterday,we never knew that going to Jalan TAR at noon was a super bad ass decision of our lives! haha! we arrived in KL (which was chow kit) at 1pm.and we were stucked there for almost our 'trusted' GPS brought us to another route..and we missed the we end up in another Jammed in Jalan i dunno what..and we ended up at Jalan Thambypillai (which is our inside joke of Johan from Raja Lawak) and after almost an hour..we finally get to Masjid India.and we the HELL do not know where to go! hahahahahah sorry,man!i don't know how all these women in Malaysia knows where to go or get things in Jalan TAR.i even asked passerby at the side of the road where is JAKEL!once i was in JAKEL,i dunno what kind of material i want! LOL..goshhh!! i really need to brush up my Jalan TAR skills.but alhamdulillah,we managed to get our raya clothes.beli siap sudah!hahaha and no need to go to Jalan TAR on Ramadhan anymore!weeee...solved!

and again,we need to head to Midvalley for Spiderman III but yes,most of the road are close due to i dunno why the heck!but yeah..we missed our turn again.and stucked abit heading to MidValley.and we reached just on time for our Spiderman.and no,we had not had a bite since lunch! T____T super duper lapar okayy!! oh by the way, for me..this time,the Spiderman is a weee bit cocky and weird.and I don't like that Garfield guy.because he does not suits the character AT ALL! and there's no Mary Jane,for one thing.and his spiderwebs are not naturally out from his vein or something.he has to use some sort of 'watch' to disperse it.pfftt! not cool! pastu macam tah lah..for me it's boring.and tak best (compared to Tobey Maguire..Toby is wayyyyy a better actor.sorry Garfield) go watch and see ok ;) but the storyline was a Okay =/ and after the movie,we were super duper hungrrryyyy.we wanted to go to Chillis..but the line was outrageous man!! crazy madness lapar and grumpy...we decided to just go solat and waited til Maghrib.huuu..after maghrib baru boleh makan..ya Allah lapar yang teramat! since encik owes me a birthday treat.i had the yummiest food evahhh!! ;P we ate like we never ate before!! LOL subhanaAllah we were beyonddd starving!! and when the food could not imagine how fast we emptied the plate? ;P

and as for today,i promise my mom to go Jusco Sale :P and later in the evening,i might go for some tea with nadz!ahh..weekends..just the way i want it :) alhamdulillah..joyful july is in! Ramadhan is justtt around the corner.may all of us get Barakah from Him. InsyaAllah..have a nice weekend peeps! much love xx

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