Thursday, June 28, 2012

hello..woww!! can you believe it? I'm turning 28 in 24hours! alhamdulillah i am blessed with all His Rahmah.syukurrr!! it had been super duper busy week for me.i know i had been telling the same thing when i wrote my posts.but it's middle of the year and i bet all of you are super busy at your work.but unlike my friends!! they are soooo nice to put up a nice small tea party for me.thank you so much azz, nadz and Ecah! ♥

we had a small tea party for me,Via, Shila and Lela for our upcoming 28th birthday party. the party was held at Decanter.a nice little cafe up in Bukit Damansara. the ambience was really calming and makes u feel like home! ;) the window panes and the nice orange couch..i would love to have that part for my dream house! ;) and so,we had the party of 6 with little fanfan with us! it was fun!! :) azz,yes, the popping soon mummy :P was nice enough to whip up a nice chart for all of us birthday girl..i was really happy and smiling ear to ear! (^_____^) we had some nice chicken mushroom pie, banana pancakes and i had a cute little (quite mouthful) scones!! yummers! we had few catching ups and had the best tiramisu cake ever!! thank u azz!! ♥ ♥ ♥

enjoy the pictures!

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