Tuesday, June 05, 2012

finally i get to sit in front of the pc and blog :P hehe..been preoccupied with stuffs lately.and can you believe it?it's June! ;) we will go on that post later.hehe..

so on our fourth day in Japan.we bought an 8.00am bus ticket to the Gotenba Premium Outlet.it took 2hours by bus to get to the GPO.so woke up at 7.00am and took the train to Tokyo station.there's two station u can take the bus to this outlet in Tokyo.One is Shinjuku Bus Station and the other one is Tokyo station.u can buy the bus ticket there too :) (google : Ticket to Gotenba Outlet) and so,when we reached the Tokyo station..we got lost for almost 30minutes btw! LOL because we forgotten which exit to hop off from Suitengumae.hehe..but alhamdulillah a couple came to help us.they were not even going to the place we're going,but they helped us until the bus station.that my friend..is the traits that not much people still have it ;)

and so we got just on time to take the bus.(we were 15minutes early.scores!) and so we headed to the shopping spreeeee!!on the way to the Gotenba.we could see the Fuji san from far.subhanallah! sucha beauty :) we were all excited and clicking the camera non stop.hehe mom and dad got all excited too! when we finally see the Gotenba Premium Outlet sign! weeee...

we spent for almost 6hours there as our bus is at 4.00pm.but we had a greattttt time!! i know i did.i know mama did! :P she shopped til she dropped ok!KOCHI!!! hehehe..even i almost got myself crazy! hehe...but i got el cheapo price for some nice kicks for my gym.few nice shirts for encik from GAP.and nice wrislet from KOCHI!! hehe ok2 i spell it right :P it's COACH actually..in Japan they call it KOCHI..hehehe..

so here we are! in Gotenba Premium Outlet..well if you're going to Japan,it's a must place ok! hehe enjoy the picasas! ;)

muka berkerut sebab it was super sunny day and it was quite hot!:P and yes,i look so different kan? :P hehe
so we went back after a looonngg tiring and happy day! :) lil bro craved for Siddique's chicken beryani again! so after we arrived at the Tokyo station..we went straight to Akiba.for a nice chicken beriyani rice..yummers!! it's a must have if you're in Japan ok!!

oh this is one yummy tom yam noodle!! well abg walid ordered 'ichiban karai' - which means hottest and spiciest.but it turned out like a wee bit like Maggi Kari punya pedas :P but slightly tastier of course!! hehe..

oh an this is the train we took home..and yes,they are superrrr clean!!it's like this every single day! ;)
so yeah!there you go! the gotenba trip.we surely shopped till we dropped! hope you enjoy the pictures though. one last lengthy post on my last day in Japan :) coming up soon! have a nice day peeps! much love xx

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