Thursday, May 31, 2012

hey peeps!! it's been super ages.pretty busy month this month ;( been going to Sarawak for two weeks in a row! huh! really really tiring! but alhamdulillah the accommodation was awesome! the week before,last week..we stayed in Grand Continental Hotel.and boy,we did not have much time to walk around the city :( we only spent time to go to the training center back and forth from the hotel.lucky us that the hotel is just two crossroads away ;)

so for almost a week,we will walk down our hotel to the training center.and for almost 5 days we stayed at very nice suite ;) thank you JAKESS.we were all well treated :D

and last week,my collegue and i just came back from Sarawak when we received another invitation to a meeting in Sarawak..whatttt?? yes,another night in Kuching.but unfortunately, last week was when the school holiday just's the week for Gawai and Pesta Menuai!! haih..little that we know..we wanted to book a flight ticket, but the tickets were all full!! the meeting was scheduled on the 25th of May.but we hafta get a flight on 24th.and super duper early! because everywhere the tickets are fully booked! MAS too!! and the worst part is...the tickets were all fully booked and there were no direct flight to Kuching!! so we hafta transit in Miri for two hours!! *cries*

and we reached Kuching at 4:00pm tired and hungryyy..alhamdulillah we got a room.and yes,everywhere is fully booked too!stresssss gilaaa!! so the next day we attended the meeting for barely two hours and the worst part come again..our air ticket was not until SUNDAY!! yes,we were stuck there for four days! just because the return ticket were all fully booked til Sunday my collegue and i were stucked in Kuching for four freaking days.doing nothing.lalalalalaaa~ and that two weeks too,i learned the song "Anak Kampung" by Jimmy Palikat ft One Nation Emcees.hehe..nice song they got there ;) catchy!

although i was stucked in Kuching for that unforgettable two weeks in a row :P but i definitely recommend you places to eat and go! well, first of all i loveee laksa sarawak that on the first week i went there,i ate for almost everyday! The yummiest I had was at Kopi O.i think it's at Satok.Near the Bank Negara (JAKESS is just across the road ;)) on my recent visit, I tried at the new restaurant called Kuching Station. the banana cheese is the yummiest! (but too sweet to my liking) and the Laksa Sarawak was only RM6! and it is definitely tasty!! yumyum!! *salivating*

and a must must must eat is Ayam Penyet and Ayam Bakar at Raja Ayam Penyet & RJ Ayam Bakar. both are from the same company but both are yummmyyy!! i don't mind eating the Ayam Bakar every day!! ;) (i gained 1 kilo from my recent visits.yikes!but don't worry..lost another half kilos this week.alhamdulillah..but no,u must not NOT try this!it's like the MUST list in Kuching ;) hehehe..and during my previous visit,my friend,Kak Anis,brought us to this place called Matang.Matang is quite far from the city itself.but it was just 20-30minutes by car (due to the traffic) And I had this yummiest nasi kerabu at Kat's Kitchen!! but i'm telling you, this yummy nasi kerabu is just RM6!! in Kuching?? woww!! super cheapo!! and yes, the shop owner is a Kelantanese (^__-)v two thumbs up for the food!yeayy!! and don't blame me! blame the food!! they were all delicioussss!! satay pun lagi sedap dari satay kajang! yikes!,there goes my gym for two weeks!:P

but alhamdulillah,everything went well.and we are back here! ;) and claim pun best!hahaha..but i is super busy with octopus hands at work nowadays.event will start to kick in,in June unnnnntillll September *cries*..and all i wish for now is i will have another shopping spree or at least go holiday somewhere! :( besides that,everything else is just fine :D i am looking forward for this weekend because my family and i will be going to Johor Premium Outlet!! weehooo!! i wonder how it is like..macam Gotenba tak? :D can't wait!how about you?hope all is well aite.i promise i will keep my blog back on track.more post on Japan, azz's birthday and baby shower!! and also my recent a very Royal Malay wedding :) much love xx

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

hello!! sorryyy..i had been super busy and outside fact i just got back from Penang for a short meeting and wedding :) sedar tak sedar. dah sebulan yang lalu saya pegi Jepun.cepatnyaaa masa berlalu ek? :(

anyways,lemme tell you more about my trip! it's super looonngg overdue :P sorry..i am either attending weddings or just sitting at home trying to take a time off from work :D so! as i was saying..on the third day in Japan..we decided to meet my old friend,Yuki! she was my conversation partner when I was in Japan.Conversation partner means when foreign student come to Japan, they will be given a college mate where they can converse in Japanese with them and the Japanse college will also try to speak English with you in order to improve their English. And it same goes to us,the foreign student. We will help them with their English. And they will help us with our Japanese.Yuki had been a dear friend for quite some time now.She came to Malaysia once and stayed with my family.And i think mama really loves her! :P she called her 'anak bongsu' hehehe..and Yuki also treated my family just like her family :) and so,when we revisited Japan last spring.She was soo delighted! and we were just on time to meet her after she gave birth to a lovely baby girl name Koharu :)

so we met up at the Shinjuku Station and had Okonomiyaki for lunch at the nearest restaurant. It was my first time to eat the Okonomiyaki.and it was not bad after all! we were seated at a huge pan(something like the Tenpayaki pan) and we will order the okonomiyaki that we want. There's seafood (squid,shrimps and clams) and there's eggs,some salads and daikon. (what is daikon?) i think it's Raddish.but it tasted soooo yummmyy!!so we will be given all these raw food.and we will hafta cook ourselves! luckily Chef Mama was with us ;P but unfortunately, at one point we just don't know how to cook it.and so we ask the cute waiter cook for us :P hehehe

after a nice filling up tummy session.its time for our second Hanami!! we headed to Shinjuku Gyoen! my all time favourite Sakura park :) this is my second time going Hanami at this park. (insyaAllah for another many more..perhaps another 2-3 times?hehe) so Yuki brought my family and i to the park. We were charged upon entry. (compared to Ueno,the park is free but the people is suppperr duperrr huge crowd!) so we were given a ticket and we have to pass a gate. Once we're in, we could see a hugeeeee park with sooo many different kinds of sakura.I am always in love with this is sooo beautiful! so we took some pictures and spent the rest of our evening at the park.

we then head home at 5pm..and later on i rushed to Tama Plaza to meet my all time Kokugakuin Teacher,Morohoshi sensei. She's slightly older now :P but she always look pretty and thin!! i think she never gained weights!:P

we met up at Tama Plaza station.and the station has totally changed!from a dull train station into a shopping mall! Train station in a shopping mall!how cool is that!and it's realllyyy hugeee!! :)
we went for a walk towards my old campus.went took some photos.goshh!!sucha reminiscence :) the same road i cross.the same road i passed by before heading to class.the same old smell of sakura (^__^) aishh..i really miss Japan..well anyway,we then ended our evening with some yummy spagetti from Afternoon Tea.scrumptious!! yum2..oh!just to share with you..when we had our dinner at the Afternoon Tea well,while i was in Japan previously,these lecturers in the Kokugakuin University is very particular with our food. They know that we could not eat pork,drink alcohol or having any of these ingredients in our meal due to our religion. so when we were having our dinner in Afternoon Tea, my teacher (or even my foster family are very concern about this ;) ) asked the waiter if the food contains any of pork particles or ingredients.and even the cakes for dessert! she is very very concern!! and sucha good teacher right?? and so,turned out my cake contained shortening. which these shortening contains Strutto, or clarified pork,the waiter from this Afternoon Tea was superr awesome that she went to the kitchen and took out the manual of making this cake for me!so when you have a manual,all the ingredients listed in this particular dish is stated in the manual.semangat gila tunjuk kat aku buku manual membuat kek tersebut!:P she was really nice to explain to me that the ingredients of the scrumptious dessert contains,sugar, Margarine, shortening and since they were not sure if the food contains pork,so i decided not to have the cake,although this is how my dessert looks like :

super duper jaw dropping mouth drooling right?? :P but it's ok.i was full already.i had the Organic Tomato Sauce Pasta with Mozzarella Cheese..super yummers!! burppp!! :P and so i had a nice pot of tea and 2hours chat with Morohoshi sensei and headed off back to Suitengumae at 9.00pm :) it was sucha lovely day that day.but we are all pumped up for the next day shopping trip!! GOTENBA OUTLET here we come!! ;)

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