Wednesday, April 18, 2012

hi peeps!! sorry for the long silence :) i just got back from Japan!heee (^__^) it was a great week in Japan. and i definitely miss all the places damn lot! it's like revisiting after 6years! woww!! nothing much changed.the usual shibuya crossroads.the same ueno, ameyoko market.the same old hospitably and warm greets from the people.i truly miss my life there.but alhamdulillah..having the love ones around makes you feel home :)

it was a short week in Tokyo. we stayed at a weekly mansion called Kurumi Mansion.situated in Koto-ku ( Suitengumae Honzomon Line station.) and it is definitely a recommended place for you travelers out there. it has a small kitchen, indoor bathroom,and fully equipped room.with air conditioned, television, ironing,washing machines (no coins!),kitchen, hair dryer, cooker, rice cooker, microwave..u name it! ;) alhamdulillah, my family did enjoy their time in Japan :) we made it just in time for the Sakura flowers to bloom. they called it 満開 - Mangkai (full bloom) subhanaAllah..the reason i am in love with Japan is definitely the Sakura. sooooo pretttyy!! when it full bloomed, it looked just like snowy flowers!subhanaAllah.

i had a great stay there.managed to meet all my old friends. revisit my university and met my teachers.I definitely miss them :( but it's good to meet them again after soo many years and there's so many things to tell :) alhamdulillah i can still speak in Japanese and understand them.kinda happy though.hehe..and super duper excited! ;P i visited places like Gibhli Museum,Mitaka ; went to Gonteba Outlet for shopping, went to Ueno Park for Hanami (flower viewing),something like picnic under the sakura was like being in ♥ seriously.the beauty could not be described with words! mashaAllah..and we went for yummy food and for more and more hanami! :)

will let you know the places i go in another posts.for now.enjoy some of the photos i took :)

will update more! i am still in Japan-flu mode :P hehe have a nice wednesday ♥ much love xx

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