Thursday, April 26, 2012

heyho..jeles tengok kawan-kawan dapat gaji je terus pegi shopping itu ini.handbag baru lah.baju baru lah.kasut baru lah..pastu teringat,saya baru pulang dari bersopping di jepung kutttt :P hehe den,terlupo..sebab pocket damage melampau gak masa kat jepun.tapi berbaloi pleaseeeee!!i am sucker for cheap stuffs but good quality.tehee :D so the little burn on my pockets are :

blueberry cheese cake kitkat.this cost me almost RM75 for a box :P

my new running shoes! tested and approved!!! superduper love! ♥

Tory Burch anyone? ;P

japanese chocolates!! cost me almost RM200!! :P such a sucker for chocolates i am :D

scored this for super duper cheap RM18! ;)

some clothes from GAP from him.and a Coral Coach Clutch for me ;)

love the coral color (the camera doesn't do the justice :P)

boxes and boxes of chocolates and instant films.

can't resist this cute peep toe from Vincci

instant camera and hello kitty film ♥

the Tokyo Starbucks Mug ♥ always a fan of their mugs ;)

and my favourite perfume! GHOST!! ♥

yep..there goes my bonuses :B so i did my shopping before the sales even begun! sheeshh! but its ok!scored two legggings from UNIQLO and a nice laura ashley sleeveless to pair up with my cardigan ;) haih..i feel nipponism again :P
so ok,those two pictures of the nice legs wearing the pants are definitely not mine! LOL haha i have not yet took any pictures of me with my new leggings :) oh well,that's least i am happy and i SHOULD not feel attempted to shop again.for now :P hope u have a nice day.much love xx

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