Wednesday, April 25, 2012

helloooooo...alhamdulillah still living and kicking.and happy happy too! :) today is Payday!alhamdulillah..rezeki pun bertambah.semoga Allah murahkan rezeki saya dan sekeluarga :) and so,today also..all the bosses are not around! :P and me is also don't have workload today!! seriously.memang takde keje langsung arini! terkejut jugak!out of the days huh ;)

so,yes.yours truly is still missing Japan.but it just at the corner of my heart right now since i have bigger things to think about.eceh! :P but i'm still gonna tell you about my trip! maybe it will help you people if you plan to go to Japan next time :) hop on!!

so on the second day in Japan (basically third day because the first day was spent on flight :P) we went to Gibhli Museum it is one of the famous Anime Musuem in Japan.created by Hayao Miyazaki.whom is one of the famous Anime illustrator in the history of Anime :) and the place is just soooo gorgeous! and it has such an amazing landscapes and architecture.but unfortunately,we can't take any photos inside the's for your eyes only if you gone into the museum :D but it is just an awestruck! :) there's a mini theater where each and every one of you will be given a movie ticket (you can bring it home! and it is a cool film strip from any of the Gibhli Museum production) i was sooo thrilled.

lemme bring you inside of the museum :) to enter this museum, you can buy a ticket at Lawson (a convinient shop like 7E) you can't take photos inside the museum so most of my pictures were taken outside and some photos are courtesy of .outside of the museum,you can see the rooftop garden from far.

and once you enter the museum, you will be given a pamphlet of floor maps and also a film strip which is your cinema ticket. once you're inside, you will come to huge stairs! which is sooo gorgeous!! there's a wind whistle and the light shines through the glassed roof! it is just sooo gorgeous!

Photo courtesy of meg cheah.thank u so much for the photo ;)

and you can go straight to the small teather room to watch the movie :) during my visit, i watched the "Water Spider" it was such a cute movie.maybe you can google it ;)

and after the movie, we walked around the museum and saw the Cat Bus!! if you watched the Movie "Tonari no Totoro" - My friendly neighbour totoro. you will surely thrilled to see the cute Cat Bus! there's two for the adults just to sit inside.but the other one is for the kids to JUMP! HOP! and PLAY inside it! such a fun! *jealous*

and we went for the tour inside and saw this work station where all the hard work and all the anime is illustrated and produced!it's like the artist is still at work.where you can see paper sketches everywhere.warm coffee.and as if the artist was just going to the toilet kinda scene :P

and we got the chance to witness on how the zeotrope works!! you can see how can one object moves and flow sooo smooth when you wind the machine and the whole objects will spin and moves into one sets of animation :) like this :

and we went upstairs outside the building to head to the rooftop garden where there stood a hugeeee robot who guards the garden (well the robot is not functioning btw) :P it was sooo much fun!! and surreal!!

i love going to the museum!! :):) and then near the museum there's a nearby park called Inokashira the park there were soooo many cherry blossom trees!! and it was sooo beautiful!! unfortunately it was starting to rain when we were about to take photos :(

after a long tour at the museum,we then head home for our next stop : ASAKUSA.but i guess i hafta write it in another post since this one is a bit lengthy :P next will be an update on Asakusa where we bought our souviners,had tendon and awesome sky tree.have a nice day peeps!much love xx

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