Monday, April 02, 2012

woww!! can you believe it?? it's their 7th Cupcake Show for +Wondermilk this year. and as always every year without fail,i will go to watch the cupcake's always full with loads of fun like limbo, dancing, samba, singing and cupcake decoration was fun! they will also have small bazaar with awesome lines like Badger, Old Blossom Box, Mimpi Murni and etc.

it was held in their main branch this year :) i arrived a wee bit late yesterday..but the fun was still there! free cupcakes for everyone! and they have awesome decorations and photo booth! ;)

i was supposed to go with Via..but i was a bit late cos i was from Pavillion before the show started. but I had mom to accompany me! :) i stayed for a while before heading home with happy little cupcakes! yummy!! good job dzu and all +WM crew :) i'm a big +Wondermilk fan ;)

how was ur weekend peeps? this week will be the final week to get all my stuffs in place before flying off ;) have a nice week ahead! much love xx

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