Monday, March 26, 2012

ok rasanya lately macam dah tak cukup tangan and kaki! huhu..penattt!! i think sometimes i can feel that my head is dizzy.but not the spinning type.just feeling fuzzy..macam kena duduk diam2 tido atau take a super duper deeeeppp breath! hmmm and i did came across on an article in Utusan Mingguan yesterday.on the health was about high blood and low blood.on how can someone so healthy..doing all sorts of exercises and still can get all these wuzziness and dizzy.turned out, she has a low blood pressure.too much exercises perhaps.and oh! MAINNN THINGG is definitely food! in the article, it did mention about how you have to choose the way of short, eat healthily.that part, i am really really working hard on it.i dunno why or how.i DO think i eat the right reducing the 'oil' intake..heee..ok,tell me something.what is eating healthy food is like?

ALL VEGETABLES all the way?? vegan? hmmm or just choose the right pyramid of food?or eating salads all the way?? no meat?? hmm..i am really really confused here.i think the method i used back when i was younger does not work anymore.i did jog for 40minutes every day!and some workouts for at least an hour a day.. and yet, i don't feel like i'm loosing weight.(just by 0.5kgs most of the time) i don't deny that the weight might come from the muscles.buttt..put aside the weight,it's about the 'sometimes' fizzy and fuzziness..hmmm..i hope i'm not having high blood nor low blood..fanauzubillah..

but i did have histoy of low BP that my weight was not as light as i was younger ( i was 45kgs) i think i am at a normal weight,and yet..i am a wee bit worried though.nothing serious i hope.but alhamdulillah..with the exercises i keeps me energatic the whole least i don't feel breathless climbing up the stairs or walking around the office,running errands.alhamdulillah.tapi risau lah sikit kan..sebab kadang2 tu rasa cam kena tapi kan,tak serious tauu..hehe jangan risau..cuma macam kadang2 saya ni suka buat kerja terus menerus dan terus dan terus..tengok2 dah 7jam berdiri tak duduk2..haa..camtu :P i wonder how event managers MANAGE that!the adrenaline pumping and everthing...WHOOSSHHH at the same time! ;P

maybe sebab tak cukup kaki and tangan kut..or rehat :D i had been going out non stop on weekends..from morning gym,and then breakfast.and then lunch.and then 6hours walk in the mall.and then dinner.and then jalan lagi..hehe sampai kaki rasa tersangatlah 12 am..i am flat!unconscious! haha..woke up the next day..jalan lagi.dan jalan lagi..dan jalan lagi! :P and all i need now is a gooooood sleep :) bless me.

so how was your weekend? :) oh,i bought my aidijuma! FINARRRYYYY!! weeee~~ can't wait to wear it! in fact, i am wearing one now ;) i always have complaints on tudung, u see.i mean, they have all sorts of nice and frills and all these Fareeda lah, Pearl Haya lah,tudung syria lah..Anisa lah ape lah..but no inventions on TUDUNG BAWAL! haha! so it's good that Datin Nurjummah came out with these Aidijuma bawal scarves :P (nerd!) and now,i am a happy cow.because i am BAWAL's biggest fan all the wayyyyy!! ;)

ok.another busy wizzy week a head of me..and i am counting days babyyy!!another 12 days to gooooo :) have a good week ahead peeps!much love xx

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