Monday, March 19, 2012

hi peeps

had been super duper busy like toppling down already.huhu..but i do need some time off and let it off my chest..hehe it's lunch time anyways ;P the whole week before was super duper octopus hands week.went here and there..sent of parents for balik kampung.and back to putrajaya.on friday i was still in Putrajaya..and decided to go for the hot air balloon in the morning.but end up overslept (as usual..and decided to go later in the evening.) went to Kajang for some errands.bought presents.bought some stuffs here and there.went to wong solo.head back to Putrajaya..thought of going to the hot air balloon.then again,i missed it :P pfftt!!

rushed back to ttdi by 9pm.went to fanfan's birthday maulid.had some yummy food.slept at two a.m.planned to go to Hot Air Balloon AGAIN.the next morning.end up sleeping til 10:30am! :P huh..then woke up for brunch.hang out a bit with Dar. til 3pm.did laundries.(weekend nanny remember?) clean up the house.rushedddd back to Putrajaya because i decided to MUST WATCH THE HOT AIR BALLOON! huh! MUST MUST!

so we made it! daia and i managed to get ourselves some shots with the balloons! although there were some other balloons.but we did not catch them minute you see them on the minute you see them up in the sky fast one! so the big fat cat hot air balloon was already drifted away from us in the sky :P

but we surely had fun.the expo was HUGEEEE!! and i think it's kinda nicely organized! :) its close to the has mobile toilets.lots of food stalls.and special sections for tables and chairs for people to sit and eat.they even have loads of cleaner roaming around to clean up the rubbish.well done putrajaya! but,PLEASEEE do not go in the afternoon!! the sun was scorchingly HOT!!!! and yes,yours truly got a souvenir of a streak of sun burnt along the scarf line at the cheek.thanks!:P

how was your weekend? i am looking forward for mine.and i am definitely counting days!! another 22days! weeee ♥ much love! xx

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