Thursday, March 29, 2012

alhamdulillah..tangan tangan sudah kembali sedia octopus hands decided to be two again :P i was super duper busy settling papers and everything..and i don't even have time for my darling friends.i wonder how's their weekend.. :D

girls, if you're reading this.. I MISS YOU!! :) we'll catch up soon ok! i will be super busy this whole week.since mom had been away to Kelantan for the past two weeks..this week baru nak ber 'dotter mami' time :D miss mummy!heee..and i am sooo gonna sleeeppppp and leisure and lazzyy lazzyyy so that the next week i will be all pumped up again.this week i am skipping the whole week of gym.too stress to tire myself :P maybe i do need a time off the gym..heee..but kena control makan sket junk food and all..oh! can u believe it?? it has been 3 weeks since i last ate nasi lemak! weeee ♥ ♥ alhamdulillah so far berjaya..but..everytime i hear 'Village Park' i am sooo tempted pleaseeee :(

on other note, nasi lemak is not my best friend anymore..but i do miss it though.maybe i will keep it until i am back from the Land of the Rising Sun ;) heh!insyaAllah..semoga dipermudahkan urusan kami :) i surely can't wait to meet my old friends, teachers and my foster family! :) can you believe it? another 10days to go!! alhamdulillah..insyaAllah dipermudahkan..i had been keeping myself super busy so i can relax on my trip soon! :) lama tak berjalan2..

talking about jalan2..lately encik and i enjoy strolling in the mall.just people watching and window shopping :D i think its more like quality time together :) alhamdulillah,we are in our 3rd year now..pray for us.somehow.bercinta lama2 pun tak elok jugak kan..nanti apa kata orang..heee :D so encik,if you read this? faham faham lah yee..ahahaha..ok!just a short 30 minutes break.i will hafta get back to work now.hope all is well in your end peeps! have an awesome thursday! it's pop tart thursday for me! ;P much love!! see u all soon at Wondermilk the 7th Cupcakes Show! can you believe it?? it's their SEVENTH!! you're awesome +Wondermilk!! we ♥ u ;) i can't wait to order your Pastel Lola and Foxy RV soon!! ♥ ♥

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