Thursday, March 29, 2012

alhamdulillah..tangan tangan sudah kembali sedia octopus hands decided to be two again :P i was super duper busy settling papers and everything..and i don't even have time for my darling friends.i wonder how's their weekend.. :D

girls, if you're reading this.. I MISS YOU!! :) we'll catch up soon ok! i will be super busy this whole week.since mom had been away to Kelantan for the past two weeks..this week baru nak ber 'dotter mami' time :D miss mummy!heee..and i am sooo gonna sleeeppppp and leisure and lazzyy lazzyyy so that the next week i will be all pumped up again.this week i am skipping the whole week of gym.too stress to tire myself :P maybe i do need a time off the gym..heee..but kena control makan sket junk food and all..oh! can u believe it?? it has been 3 weeks since i last ate nasi lemak! weeee ♥ ♥ alhamdulillah so far berjaya..but..everytime i hear 'Village Park' i am sooo tempted pleaseeee :(

on other note, nasi lemak is not my best friend anymore..but i do miss it though.maybe i will keep it until i am back from the Land of the Rising Sun ;) heh!insyaAllah..semoga dipermudahkan urusan kami :) i surely can't wait to meet my old friends, teachers and my foster family! :) can you believe it? another 10days to go!! alhamdulillah..insyaAllah dipermudahkan..i had been keeping myself super busy so i can relax on my trip soon! :) lama tak berjalan2..

talking about jalan2..lately encik and i enjoy strolling in the mall.just people watching and window shopping :D i think its more like quality time together :) alhamdulillah,we are in our 3rd year now..pray for us.somehow.bercinta lama2 pun tak elok jugak kan..nanti apa kata orang..heee :D so encik,if you read this? faham faham lah yee..ahahaha..ok!just a short 30 minutes break.i will hafta get back to work now.hope all is well in your end peeps! have an awesome thursday! it's pop tart thursday for me! ;P much love!! see u all soon at Wondermilk the 7th Cupcakes Show! can you believe it?? it's their SEVENTH!! you're awesome +Wondermilk!! we ♥ u ;) i can't wait to order your Pastel Lola and Foxy RV soon!! ♥ ♥

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Monday, March 26, 2012

ok rasanya lately macam dah tak cukup tangan and kaki! huhu..penattt!! i think sometimes i can feel that my head is dizzy.but not the spinning type.just feeling fuzzy..macam kena duduk diam2 tido atau take a super duper deeeeppp breath! hmmm and i did came across on an article in Utusan Mingguan yesterday.on the health was about high blood and low blood.on how can someone so healthy..doing all sorts of exercises and still can get all these wuzziness and dizzy.turned out, she has a low blood pressure.too much exercises perhaps.and oh! MAINNN THINGG is definitely food! in the article, it did mention about how you have to choose the way of short, eat healthily.that part, i am really really working hard on it.i dunno why or how.i DO think i eat the right reducing the 'oil' intake..heee..ok,tell me something.what is eating healthy food is like?

ALL VEGETABLES all the way?? vegan? hmmm or just choose the right pyramid of food?or eating salads all the way?? no meat?? hmm..i am really really confused here.i think the method i used back when i was younger does not work anymore.i did jog for 40minutes every day!and some workouts for at least an hour a day.. and yet, i don't feel like i'm loosing weight.(just by 0.5kgs most of the time) i don't deny that the weight might come from the muscles.buttt..put aside the weight,it's about the 'sometimes' fizzy and fuzziness..hmmm..i hope i'm not having high blood nor low blood..fanauzubillah..

but i did have histoy of low BP that my weight was not as light as i was younger ( i was 45kgs) i think i am at a normal weight,and yet..i am a wee bit worried though.nothing serious i hope.but alhamdulillah..with the exercises i keeps me energatic the whole least i don't feel breathless climbing up the stairs or walking around the office,running errands.alhamdulillah.tapi risau lah sikit kan..sebab kadang2 tu rasa cam kena tapi kan,tak serious tauu..hehe jangan risau..cuma macam kadang2 saya ni suka buat kerja terus menerus dan terus dan terus..tengok2 dah 7jam berdiri tak duduk2..haa..camtu :P i wonder how event managers MANAGE that!the adrenaline pumping and everthing...WHOOSSHHH at the same time! ;P

maybe sebab tak cukup kaki and tangan kut..or rehat :D i had been going out non stop on weekends..from morning gym,and then breakfast.and then lunch.and then 6hours walk in the mall.and then dinner.and then jalan lagi..hehe sampai kaki rasa tersangatlah 12 am..i am flat!unconscious! haha..woke up the next day..jalan lagi.dan jalan lagi..dan jalan lagi! :P and all i need now is a gooooood sleep :) bless me.

so how was your weekend? :) oh,i bought my aidijuma! FINARRRYYYY!! weeee~~ can't wait to wear it! in fact, i am wearing one now ;) i always have complaints on tudung, u see.i mean, they have all sorts of nice and frills and all these Fareeda lah, Pearl Haya lah,tudung syria lah..Anisa lah ape lah..but no inventions on TUDUNG BAWAL! haha! so it's good that Datin Nurjummah came out with these Aidijuma bawal scarves :P (nerd!) and now,i am a happy cow.because i am BAWAL's biggest fan all the wayyyyy!! ;)

ok.another busy wizzy week a head of me..and i am counting days babyyy!!another 12 days to gooooo :) have a good week ahead peeps!much love xx

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

ahhhhh!! i definitely can't wait for April to come! i know it's gonna be awesome.and i am starting to feel the thrill is creeping in my skin..

can you feel it?? aghhhh!! to add up..i was browsing through my favourite family blogs..and they could feel it too!! weeee ♥ ♥ i loveee their entries on Spring. i definitely put 'Spring' on top of my cherry cake ice cream..yum yum!!

if you feel like reading their blog :

rockstar diaries and bleubird ♥ ♥

reading their blogs really lift up my mood! like super duper awesome!! weeehooo!! lift me up lift me up!! ok.need to go back now.been super duper busy

and all i can think of is April.bismillah..semoga dipermudahkanNya :) much love xx

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Monday, March 19, 2012

hi peeps

had been super duper busy like toppling down already.huhu..but i do need some time off and let it off my chest..hehe it's lunch time anyways ;P the whole week before was super duper octopus hands week.went here and there..sent of parents for balik kampung.and back to putrajaya.on friday i was still in Putrajaya..and decided to go for the hot air balloon in the morning.but end up overslept (as usual..and decided to go later in the evening.) went to Kajang for some errands.bought presents.bought some stuffs here and there.went to wong solo.head back to Putrajaya..thought of going to the hot air balloon.then again,i missed it :P pfftt!!

rushed back to ttdi by 9pm.went to fanfan's birthday maulid.had some yummy food.slept at two a.m.planned to go to Hot Air Balloon AGAIN.the next morning.end up sleeping til 10:30am! :P huh..then woke up for brunch.hang out a bit with Dar. til 3pm.did laundries.(weekend nanny remember?) clean up the house.rushedddd back to Putrajaya because i decided to MUST WATCH THE HOT AIR BALLOON! huh! MUST MUST!

so we made it! daia and i managed to get ourselves some shots with the balloons! although there were some other balloons.but we did not catch them minute you see them on the minute you see them up in the sky fast one! so the big fat cat hot air balloon was already drifted away from us in the sky :P

but we surely had fun.the expo was HUGEEEE!! and i think it's kinda nicely organized! :) its close to the has mobile toilets.lots of food stalls.and special sections for tables and chairs for people to sit and eat.they even have loads of cleaner roaming around to clean up the rubbish.well done putrajaya! but,PLEASEEE do not go in the afternoon!! the sun was scorchingly HOT!!!! and yes,yours truly got a souvenir of a streak of sun burnt along the scarf line at the cheek.thanks!:P

how was your weekend? i am looking forward for mine.and i am definitely counting days!! another 22days! weeee ♥ much love! xx

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

rinduuuuu...mata ne!! :) much love xx

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Friday, March 09, 2012

hellooooooo!! kasi panjangggg sket!! hehe it's been a while :D tehee..too many things to do and too many places to go!it was an awesome week so far.alhamdulillah :) it's friday again.alhamdulillah (praise to Allah) and i am still kicking and bouncing around.previous week was more spent with family and friends :) went to jalan-jalan with with my nephews and nieces.fewhh!and i went to send off lilo to the airport :( she has to leave for Russia for three months! :( i hope she's doing well in Tyumen..

(eh i macam dah kurus sket lah.hahaha! perasan!)

i heard it's super collllddd there!!siberia kuttt :P brrrr!! i sent her off..on friday night and sleep in late on saturday morning..end up rushing back to TTDI since i hafta become 'weekend nanny' for my three little nephews and niece..tsk T___T but it was fun to play with them..they are justt too cute to be scolded :P hehe..and so on sunday i had a looongg day of lazing around and doing nothing..ahh blissss (^___^) and oh! i went to bazaar in's been a while since i last went to bazaar.the last one was LEFT BLOCK at Fat Spoon looongg was that? :P and i bought these cute pavlovas in cute cupcakes! :) and it is just sooo scrumptious!! :)

mom bought a bag (ehem2 NINE WEST) pfft! and i was thhiiiiss close to buy some cute tops which was only RM10!! and i am regretting it every single day because i decided not to buy it that day! pfftt!!but it's ok.i saved some cash to buy my little nephews' birthday presents for his birthday party tomorrow!! :) ahhh i can't wait for weekends!i wanna spend time with my nephews!! and i have a bowling tournament too! gosh! hope that i could win,despite no practices at all! LOL oh!last night was just soooo bizarre for me! well,as usual..when watching movie..i will ask encik the time and place to do the reservation.and we;re gonna watch John Carter.there was two is 8.00pm cheras selatan.and the other one is 9.00pm The Mines.and i was pretty sure encik told me to book the one in Mines.and i was really really sure i booked at 9.00pm.TGV The Mines.i printed out everything with my mind fixed.THE MINES.NINE we went out for dinner at 8pm..walk around the mall and i was holding the reservation ticket and we were sure that we still can make it for the movie at 9.just pick up the ticket we bought and all..butttt..when we went to the counter..i told the ticket person my reservation number.and it came out : "FASTFURIOUS 4" and some chinese name and reservation number which is totally wrong! pfftt!! and the lady asked me for the confirmation email i received.and turned out!!! i booked the wrong TIME! and wrong CINEMA!! it was at 8:00pm! at CHERAS SELATAN!! ya ALLAH..what was i thinking?? :O ahahhaha..aduhaiii..i was all red up!encik was smirking..holding back his laughs!pfftt!! but we decided to buy the tickets anyway.lucky the John Carter at Mines was just about to start in 5mins! aduuiiiii..there gone my RM27 to whoever gets to sit at our seats!! just like that!! :(

next time i will be super duper extra careful! seriously,i never booked wrong!hmmm something was definitely on my mind at that time :P anyhouuu..i surely can't wait for April!! insyaAllah..semoga Allah permudahkan urusan kami ;) pray for us ♥ ok peeps!till then,have a nice weekend! much love xx

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