Sunday, February 19, 2012

been superrr dupperrrr preoccupied lately!workshops!people meetings..and dating!:P and i miss my girls!i do!but i hafta check on nephews until their dad is back ;p oh i became 'pengapit' yesterday. hilarious!ketaq lutut ok! glad that it went well ;P fewhh!!spent 6hours at a wedding!fewhh!!encik kalau dibiarkan dengan kengkawannya..tersangatlah mengabaikan awek di sebelah.hehehe..takpe,kasi chance lepas rindu :D so my life spins back the whole week last week..and missing these people :)

ok then! have a nice weekend! got another wedding to attend tonight.and i am gonna ease some muscles for a while been tiring and stressful week for me.but nothing can stop you from having fun,right? much love xx

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