Wednesday, February 29, 2012

hello!! how's your week so far? mine is awesomeesttt!! ;D's been an amazing week! went to a good friend's wedding in Maritim Putrajaya. we met back in Japan. I was the exchange student from UPM and she was the exchange student from UITM.there were aishah and rina.reminiscence back in was really awesome.we were all living our live in the world of strangers.we barely speak Japanese and we only have each other. Pendatang asing di perantauan lah katakan..hehe

Rina had always been the super duper happy chirpy girl.Always smile and laugh :) i can say that she's playful too!!and now she is married!! GOSHH!! well u know what? budak2 exchange students semua dah kawen! (HA AHHH LAHH baru haku perasan!!) and I am the only one yang belum kawen T___T budak junior kitorang pun dah ada anak dah!sigh..takpe..belum sampai seru lagii..hehehe..her wedding was soooo beautiful..she was wearing a fuchsia gorgeous wedding gown and her hubs wearing a nice black suit :) and the dais was uberly cool!!! i had never seen such dais :) and we get to meet her good Japanese friend Yumiko and korean boyfriend all the way from Japan!! it was really hilarious since Yumiko has to do the merenjis part.and it was fun too!! :) talking about cross culture..

talking about Japanese friend,i can't wait to meet my Japanese teacher and my host family back in Japan!! hope everything goes well.. :) so cepattt!! tomorrow is already 1st of March!! can you believe it :) hope you have a nice week ahead.much love xx

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