Thursday, February 16, 2012

do you know? we all first met back in 2008..and Farah's the reason all of us were united :) i first met Idrina and Via during Farah's engagement. And later on, I met Alia (not in the picture since she is working in UK) of course I met farah wayyyy back when i was in kindergarten! yep! we're childhood friend liddat ;P and later on i met again Farah when I was in high school and then came Azz :) and we were close since then..Shoe, as we all know is Farah's house mate back in MMU time..

so during college life, we were never this close.since i never met shoe.or even Id or even Via or even Alia :P i was close to Azz and Farah. But Azz was in London for almost 7 years ( i think) and we were all reunite when azz was back for holiday and we had Farah's bridal in Madam Kwan KLCC. And that's when we started to be close friends ever since :) I am close friends with Azz and Farah. Id is close to Farah.And Via is a friend of Sofie who is Farah's husband.Alia is Farah's long lost primary school friend. And Shoe is farah's BBF since MMU :) and we were all united by Farah :P kan? hehehe

some facts about us :
1) Farah the awesome posem is an Assistant Manager of Regulatory Department in one of the Telcos stuff i tell u ;P
2) Azz the London graduates,is a Assistant VP in Managing Director office in a company that holds the Government's strategic investor in new industries and markets.
3) Alia, the fun happy babe, is now working in UK as an L & P - Client Accounting
4)The ever chirpy Nurvia is working as Division Manager of Fashion in Shriro Malaysia (hot stuff!)
5)The little bird, Idrina is an Exec in a Legal Dept in on of the Telcos company (well actually the same company as farah ;P)
6)Shoe, the newly bride :D used to work with IBM. but just shifted to another company in Mont Kiara as Sales Support Coordinator.
7) And me, the littlest among all :P work as System Analyst with the Government ;P

heee..everyone is from a different background..but what bring us together is FOOOODDD!! we are just a FOOD LOVER!! like sanggup go everywhere to get the taste of new food ;) hehe..ok then! just some things that you don't know ;P have a nice thursday! i can't wait to see my breakfast gang this Sunday! weeee ♥ much love!!

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