Monday, January 16, 2012

woww!! hello!! it's been ten days??woww!! i must be really sick! but alhamdulillah..i am getting better now.i am better :) it was really freaking me out when a whole week of worrying over my overheated body. (high temp) i was suspected dengue for a while.after having a very low platelet.and the doctor advised me to drink a lottttttt of water!alhamdulillah..i made platelet are back to normal.sangat bersyukur.sebab tak tahu kalau suspek denggi..takutt!! kena admit hospital ke ape ke i managed to level up the platelet counts in two days.alhamdulillah..syukur sangat..

and as i get better.weekends was awesome.hang out with close friend and family.bought some new kicks.and had a niceee family time :) and i am gaining back my appetite and my energy boost.i can start to enjoy the food i ate.kalau tak,masa sakit tu..nak masukkan makanan dalam mulut mesti rasa mual and nak muntah.the antibiotics i had has this side effect of nausea and diarrhea. alhamdulillah it was not for long.but 5 days was too much for that.makan macam tak makan.tak berselera!and i feel like vomiting most of the time :( i am so thankful that everything is fine now..masa rasa mual tu..memang kena tahannn je..sebab kalau muntah,nanti badan jadi i chose to sleep over i won't feel that i am not enjoying my food.kesian,kan? :(

but on another note!managed to go out with my lalings for some brunch date.tea date.and even some cupcakes time! rasa macam lama betul tak pegi makan cupcakes kat wondermilk.hehe and last sabtuday was my visit after a looongg time! to fatspoon!still looking good there :D and had encik birthday celebration at the ramaiii orangg!! and it was super hot.i guess i got the fever from the superduper hot temperature that day.lesson learned :P so here's the sum up of my last weekends.have a nice day! much love xx

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