Wednesday, January 04, 2012

happy new year!!'s the 4th day of new far,so good ;) how was yours so far?mine was alhamdulillah grrreeattt!! but to start with..on NYE,it was my father's birthday.we spent the whole day with the family! all the nephews,niece and in laws.memang kecoh satu rumah with the kids playing the soccer lah.playing the cars lah.swimming in the bathroom lah.goshhh!! chaotic!! morning breakfast at Santai.Lunch at mcD.dinner at Muhibbah.boy i had a fooooood overload that day!and the next day,had a great kick start on the 1st.went to find a persian kitten for daddy.his own birthday gift to himself :P we managed to get one! weeee!! and her name is Nikita (pengaruh cerita indon!LOL) and she is soooo cuteee and small!! even get special treat to pounce around the house.pfft! :P nasib baik comel.

on the 2nd we had bluebird's birthday celebration at A&W!! it was hillarioussss and fun!! haih we are soo bunch of happy people!! selalu buat lawak on birthdays! :P although the cake keeper is late (that will be me :P) but we had the whole place for party booked for 7 of us! cool kan? :D we had the whole place for us.

and we had games! like the old times! musical chairs,dancing and laughing our head out! gosh!! we're bunch of kiddos weyh!! seriously fun!! and i think i had my stomach cramped from too much laughing..teheee :D and on the 3rd..i had a day off.just lazing around.running some errands.downloading some movies.and went out with mom and encik :) haih..sucha bliss ♥

how was your new year kick start? i hope u had a great time too! happy new year all!! may Allah bless all of u and dimurahkan rezeki :) amin! have a nice day! much love xx

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