Monday, January 30, 2012

oh my! alhamdulillah..i had an awesome weekends with my love ones!when u are will try your best to make all the people around you to be happy.may it be your family or even your friends :)

alhamdulillah i am lucky to have both amazing family and friends.and so my weekends was nicely spent with my family and it was one of our breakfast gang's wedding too! she is now officially mrs adib! aweeee sooo cute kan? hehehe..we (the breakfast gang of course!) went to both nikah and reception.and both was realllyyy amazing,simple and laid back.i love both occassions :)

on nikah day, all of us breakfast gang wore Pink baju kurung..and shoe and adib is wearing white (of course). and the nikah was held at Masjid Tengku Kelana Petra, Kelana only took on lafaz for Adib to become shoe's husband.alhamdulillah.everything went smooth and it was reallllyyy simple!! i like!! not the plain simple kinda thing,it's simple and short.and i don't have to wait too long for makan makan.hahaha! (itu yang aku fikir??!)

and then later on in the evening, via,maksu and aunty and me went to Whisk Post in one utama.had some nice hot chocolate and caffe late..omnomerrrss!! sodaappp!! and gossip about guys!! fewwhh!! scarry ok!to talk about boys with mommies.macam2..hahahah..but it was fun though.and so the next day was the reception on shoe's side. it was held in Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. And again,we don't have to wait too long to eat! i like!! hehehe i went with encik and met via,farah and idrina there.bummers,azz couldn't join us :( we all made the dress specially for the day..but unfortunately azz has to rest at home.but it's ok azz.we took loads of photos for you :) and here are the photos from the two lovely events.enjoy!! i truly love having best friend's wedding ♥ it made me happy the wholeeee week! =)

and i missed their garden wedding since i hafta go for an outstation in Perak.but the dress was smashing!! i love it!! it's a really nice combo colors! ;)

all in all congrats adib and ana!! kahwin best! jyeahhh!! ;P ♥ ♥ much love

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