Monday, January 30, 2012

oh my! alhamdulillah..i had an awesome weekends with my love ones!when u are will try your best to make all the people around you to be happy.may it be your family or even your friends :)

alhamdulillah i am lucky to have both amazing family and friends.and so my weekends was nicely spent with my family and it was one of our breakfast gang's wedding too! she is now officially mrs adib! aweeee sooo cute kan? hehehe..we (the breakfast gang of course!) went to both nikah and reception.and both was realllyyy amazing,simple and laid back.i love both occassions :)

on nikah day, all of us breakfast gang wore Pink baju kurung..and shoe and adib is wearing white (of course). and the nikah was held at Masjid Tengku Kelana Petra, Kelana only took on lafaz for Adib to become shoe's husband.alhamdulillah.everything went smooth and it was reallllyyy simple!! i like!! not the plain simple kinda thing,it's simple and short.and i don't have to wait too long for makan makan.hahaha! (itu yang aku fikir??!)

and then later on in the evening, via,maksu and aunty and me went to Whisk Post in one utama.had some nice hot chocolate and caffe late..omnomerrrss!! sodaappp!! and gossip about guys!! fewwhh!! scarry ok!to talk about boys with mommies.macam2..hahahah..but it was fun though.and so the next day was the reception on shoe's side. it was held in Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. And again,we don't have to wait too long to eat! i like!! hehehe i went with encik and met via,farah and idrina there.bummers,azz couldn't join us :( we all made the dress specially for the day..but unfortunately azz has to rest at home.but it's ok azz.we took loads of photos for you :) and here are the photos from the two lovely events.enjoy!! i truly love having best friend's wedding ♥ it made me happy the wholeeee week! =)

and i missed their garden wedding since i hafta go for an outstation in Perak.but the dress was smashing!! i love it!! it's a really nice combo colors! ;)

all in all congrats adib and ana!! kahwin best! jyeahhh!! ;P ♥ ♥ much love

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

today shoe and adib are officially husband and wife.alhamdulillah.shoe was soooo pretty!! congratulations you two! i see u tomorrow ♥ much love xx

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

i had an awesome long weekend!and now i am all geared up for work...and in fact,i dun think i have enough time to get things done in 3 weeks time! argghhhh i need an octopus handssss!! :P have a nice wednesday! ♥ much love xx

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Monday, January 16, 2012

woww!! hello!! it's been ten days??woww!! i must be really sick! but alhamdulillah..i am getting better now.i am better :) it was really freaking me out when a whole week of worrying over my overheated body. (high temp) i was suspected dengue for a while.after having a very low platelet.and the doctor advised me to drink a lottttttt of water!alhamdulillah..i made platelet are back to normal.sangat bersyukur.sebab tak tahu kalau suspek denggi..takutt!! kena admit hospital ke ape ke i managed to level up the platelet counts in two days.alhamdulillah..syukur sangat..

and as i get better.weekends was awesome.hang out with close friend and family.bought some new kicks.and had a niceee family time :) and i am gaining back my appetite and my energy boost.i can start to enjoy the food i ate.kalau tak,masa sakit tu..nak masukkan makanan dalam mulut mesti rasa mual and nak muntah.the antibiotics i had has this side effect of nausea and diarrhea. alhamdulillah it was not for long.but 5 days was too much for that.makan macam tak makan.tak berselera!and i feel like vomiting most of the time :( i am so thankful that everything is fine now..masa rasa mual tu..memang kena tahannn je..sebab kalau muntah,nanti badan jadi i chose to sleep over i won't feel that i am not enjoying my food.kesian,kan? :(

but on another note!managed to go out with my lalings for some brunch date.tea date.and even some cupcakes time! rasa macam lama betul tak pegi makan cupcakes kat wondermilk.hehe and last sabtuday was my visit after a looongg time! to fatspoon!still looking good there :D and had encik birthday celebration at the ramaiii orangg!! and it was super hot.i guess i got the fever from the superduper hot temperature that day.lesson learned :P so here's the sum up of my last weekends.have a nice day! much love xx

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Friday, January 06, 2012

salam peeps! was ur week at work so far? to those who doesn't have kids..i bet you feel like having a kid now so u can take another week off,right? :P for me..the week start off just fine when i hit the cafe of my office.

u know that i spent at least two hours a day at the cafe for my breakfast and lunch.and i had always ordered the usual teh tarik kurang manis/teh ais for breakfast.and eating the usual kuih kacang or kerepok lekor.or perhaps the usual nasi goreng with nuggets for only RM2! and guess what??

this one fine day.yep,on the first day of work i was soo happy to start of the day right? and then i was actually asking my collegue "so apa baru? cafe ada menu baru?" i was just being 'happy'i guess.sekali hamek ko!! as we go down to the cafe,everything has changed!! aku tak masuk SEHARI je opeh..and the whole cafe changed like they don't care!! no more my teh tarik kurang manis turned into a HUGE drink stall which we hafta get the glass/cup ourselves!! FTW! and thennn...let say i wanna have teh tarik,right?! all they have is a tank of teh tarik.which i dunno what time they made it! entah dari pukul 630 pagi entah2!! and by the time i planned to pour it into the cup,it's already cold and tawar!!! arghhh!! it's been three days!! THREE days i tell you! i haven't had my TEH TARIK!!! how am i supposed to cope with that?!! pfftt!!

ok not just that! when we were looking around the stalls..all the food stalls are different! they used to have a waffle stall! and that makcik is now selling ROTI CANAI?!! whattt?? kesian ko tau! makcik yang dah pro buat waffles tiba2 kena tebar roti canai! tak kesian ke?? when i asked why not waffles? she said, THEY hafta follow the new management to only serve what their stall should serve.semua orang kena tukar menu!semua stalls dah tak sedap!! arghhhh menangiss!! no more nasi lemak kukus kegemaran!! FTW!!! stress ok! sebab price pun dah naik.let say if i have teh tarik kurang manis RM1,and nasi lemak kukus with nugget RM2.baru RM3 right? ni harga dah everytime breakfast, i spent RM5!!! frigging rm5 is alot for breakfast ok!! goshhh!! memang turned off lah!! so everytime i come to the office and think of my precious two hours with the food..(breakfast n lunch) i feel frustrated.violated..cos i no longer have a clue what to eat for budget for the whole day is gone! stress damn ful!! :(

and soo..i end up going out for lunch today :P anddd..i spent RM20 in one shot!hah! amek ko! sebab stress makanan yang sedap tidak akan mengenal erti mahal atau murah.sebab kita sudah terlalu tertekan dengan makanan yang tidak sedap.pfftt!! alhamdulillah..i ate a horse today for bukan makan kuda tau! i had a horse membayangkan kita makan banyak macam makan kuda :P so i had nasi lemak ayam goreng at the oldtown white coffee..with some spring rolls,and some bread toast.and hazelnut coffee and teh tarik..yeayy!!dapppp sangat!!yum2..ok dah!ikat perut sampai minggu depan :P teheee..

how was ur first week at work? ;) alhamdulillah it's FLYDAY!! and it's time to flyyyyy!! weeeee!! have a nice weekend! cos insyaAllah i will! with my man,tomorrow is his birthday ;) and my girls on sunday!weeeee~ ♥ much love xx

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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

happy new year!!'s the 4th day of new far,so good ;) how was yours so far?mine was alhamdulillah grrreeattt!! but to start with..on NYE,it was my father's birthday.we spent the whole day with the family! all the nephews,niece and in laws.memang kecoh satu rumah with the kids playing the soccer lah.playing the cars lah.swimming in the bathroom lah.goshhh!! chaotic!! morning breakfast at Santai.Lunch at mcD.dinner at Muhibbah.boy i had a fooooood overload that day!and the next day,had a great kick start on the 1st.went to find a persian kitten for daddy.his own birthday gift to himself :P we managed to get one! weeee!! and her name is Nikita (pengaruh cerita indon!LOL) and she is soooo cuteee and small!! even get special treat to pounce around the house.pfft! :P nasib baik comel.

on the 2nd we had bluebird's birthday celebration at A&W!! it was hillarioussss and fun!! haih we are soo bunch of happy people!! selalu buat lawak on birthdays! :P although the cake keeper is late (that will be me :P) but we had the whole place for party booked for 7 of us! cool kan? :D we had the whole place for us.

and we had games! like the old times! musical chairs,dancing and laughing our head out! gosh!! we're bunch of kiddos weyh!! seriously fun!! and i think i had my stomach cramped from too much laughing..teheee :D and on the 3rd..i had a day off.just lazing around.running some errands.downloading some movies.and went out with mom and encik :) haih..sucha bliss ♥

how was your new year kick start? i hope u had a great time too! happy new year all!! may Allah bless all of u and dimurahkan rezeki :) amin! have a nice day! much love xx

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