Thursday, December 01, 2011

today,26th of November,dated back in 2009 was the day i met my encik for the first time :) it was at Starbucks.i was meeting my dear friend,Zull for the first time too.we were drinking caramel frappucino while waiting for encik (he's always late!haha) and we were waiting for our show,New Moon ♥ and today,encik and i are two years old.alhamdulillah.

and today we went to watch Breaking Dawn :) hee..reminiscene..
alhamdulillah..i am thankful to have encik in my had been two amazing years and i pray for many more years to come.may Allah bless both of us.amin..happy 24th sayang.i love you..always ♥ insyaAllah..

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