Wednesday, December 28, 2011

subhanAllah..three more days..and it's already 2012.can u believe it? :) Alhamdulillah..Allah had blessed me with wonderful rezeki. Loving family and friends, caring boyfriend :) and awesome people around me..alhamdulillah.and next year, as all know about the salary will be raised :) Alhamdulillah..another step ahead. and maybe this is rezeki for me to plan my future with my loved ones.

i do have some wish.some are cheesy i know but some are just for me to reflect back on what i have accomplished this year.looking back,there are few accomplishment I've achieved. two years back, i wish for a boyfriend.Alhamdulillah,i met my darling encik in not so odd place,but one of my favorite coffee place (*^__^*) blush!i am really thankful to those who i met along the special person,Zull.thank u for match making me and encik.he is truly a good friend and 'lover' :P lets push aside all those history wayyy to the back of the closet and lets start a new fresh baked oven friendship :) (i hope u read this!hehe) i do enjoy meeting friends among friends which in the end..happened to be in the same circle of friends. Allah is Great. we are all related! trust me! ;)

two years back i wish for a better job.alhamdulillah i was given the opportunity to become a System Analyst in the G was a wish come true :) alhamdulillah..two years back i was a hopeless little girl..hoping for a better luck in her life.wishing that things will be better for her.better job.better car? not just yet.better life.not the same boring life.raking her heads figuring out hopeless coding.i dun want to spend my life 10hours in the office and going back to nothing but bed.i surely did not have a good life back then.yes,i was having the time of life living 5minutes from work.sitting at home with parents.going out to the closest mall at any given days.but the pay was really really suck.BIG TIME.i was having the most stressful time of my life which caused me to experience a mild ASTHMA! can u believe it? my family NEVER had any asthma history! and that work really push the limit :( but alhamdulillah..everything is better now.i am blessed.Thank you Allah.i am truly happy and thankful for everything i have now.

being an adult.i never imagined myself being the super duper busy woman who will work from 9 to 9 kinda job.i don't want to live in that kind of hustle bustle kinda life.i prefer to do things my own pace (it's like having your own business) but a fast one.i dun wanna be too hard on myself.being in the G sect. some people see us doing in a very super duper slow pace.well,to tell the my dad,he is like an iron man.takde keje pun dia cari me,i am more of the person who get things done quickly.i don't save some work for tomorrow so that i have extra work the next day and the day after kinda thing.if i have a task to do..i will make sure it will finish on the very same extensions.i don't wanna wake up and go "alamakk ada keje tak siappp" kinda thing ;) so it depends on how u handle your given tasks.right? well there are some people who CHOSE to be in the G sect just so they don't have to rush things at work.well..sometimes,there are times when we don't have anything to do at all!seriously.but i'm in the technical we troubleshoot the system every day! :) management line..i'm not sure.but i think,every kind of has it own's i am no one to judge what u long as u are honest and ikhlas in whatever you do.insyaAllah,it will bring barakah in your life.but when u have higher ranks,you don't do all the dirty job.but you have to figure out how to maneuver the dirty jobs :) so maybe that's why some people think that 'we' are not that busy..hmmm..

so,two years in the G sect.i learnt things.LOADS of em.i'm thankful that i DID learnt few things back then when i was in the P sect.i see things that i never seen before.when we hire a vendor/vendors..we understood that they were paid to do work for you.they are not paid with little money here.they are in Grands and Millions.and pfftt!if they did not deliver the right outcome.we will be pissed.time tender bukan main mulut manis kan?but bila dah dapat duit..buat keje hampeh.they think they could fool us?? they don't know that 'we' used to come from vendors too,back then.and we were taught to make the best effort to ensure a good deliverance! but when the outcome was pishhh! i think they deserves a kick on the butt.

so yeah..two years now.i am happier.and i am thankful for every rezeki given.every opportunities,every love showered.alhamdulillah :) so what's next? bring it on! Bismillahirrahmanirrahim..semoga Allah permudahkan hari-hari yang akan datang.amin yarabbal alamin.. ♥ much love xx

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