Saturday, December 17, 2011

weeee..finally i get the chance to blog on the photo shoot! fewhh!! sorry! prettyyy preoccupied lately.with i dunno what..urmm..stuffs perhaps :P but yeah, alhamdulillah i am getting well.alhamdulillah.i am really thankful.although at times i do feel a little bit insecure..of the feelings.not to elaborate on that.cos,i clueless about it =B and so!anyways...we had farah's birthday photo shoot two weeks back.thanks to our darling Ungku Alia ♥ we love u long time babe! farah really enjoyed it! so did we! ;)

so here are some of the photo shoot taken on her birthday celebration :) and yes,we are all having a greatttt time!! laughing at ourselves.and ehemehem,we did get better ok.kalah model2 kat luar sana! enjoy! ;)

p/s: my baju is like skirt kembang!,i'm not pregnant ok :P hehe

we took like hundreds of photos!but i can't put all of it here! too many wor!hehe and that's the man behind our awesome photo shoot :) Nazir from WOW Photography. Thank u Naz! we surely had a great time..and of course the BIGGEST hug goes to Alia!! ♥ ♥ we love u babe!!muuahhh!!am taking a day off tomorrow.hmm perhaps some ME time with mommy :) hehe.. have a nice day peeps! much love xx

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