Friday, December 02, 2011

oh my! i was definitely super busy lately..but i never forgot one date for sure! it's Farah's birthday! ♥ (^__^)

last Friday was her birthday, 25th November,each year! ;) definitely won't miss it since it is stucked at my windshield every day! (it is the same date as my roadtax!) on the friday night, i decided to drop by at her place with v for some small birthday surprise..with a small Red Velvet cake from Fatspoon Cafe.yum2..we went and send farah a small gift :)

heeee..hope u like it nadz! ♥ we surely can't wait to celebrate her bash with all the clans this saturday!! good food and good company! ;) some space in the tummy for tomorrow.hehehe.. have a nice Friday peeps! much love xx

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