Wednesday, November 09, 2011

hi!! how's your day so far?mine alhamdulillah..i am looooking forward for my first badminton night with ma girls!! ♥ and then,i came across few pictures while i was back in Japan..and..when i was still wearing my braces!!serious macam gangster mana tah! i was not a friendly face!! kalau gelak nampak semua besi ni! kalau gelak tutup mulut konfem luka sampai ulcer2 semua!haaa..

and thennnnn..i came across a picture of us (me,lela and fizz back when we were totally DIFFERENT!!) but you can see the differences between these two photos.sape yang makin tembam,sape yang dah mengecut! hahahaha and sape yang super duper glowing!!

that's lela,baru tengah bercinta kut time tu! hehehe so cute kan!! like apple :P and that's fizz,veryy super duper kurus..and that is me (ye,i was 45 remember??) and Yuki, my Japanese friend

and here comes then! hahahahah ok,sape makin cantik,tembam and kurus..sila fill in blanks sendiri ye :P but i think all of us are glowing!! :D

but if you can see in the recent photo of shila with the previous photo of shila after this photo aa..hehehe so comel ok.we were all soooo comot! and skinnyyy!! :P

ok jangan gelak! time ni semua orang adalah athlete sekolah so sumpah semua gelap nak mampos!:P and ermm..i dunno why i feel like we were wayyy thinner back then and yet people keep on telling you that you're much thinner than before..hmm confused! :P

ok dah.JANGAN GELAK!! :P have a nice weekend peeps!! much love xx

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