Tuesday, November 08, 2011

weeee!! it's already the month of November!gosh!how time flies like jet!:P and i can't believe that it's already Novembre!! first,of course cause it's my laling's birthday soon!! *ehem2* and also,insyaAllah..our 24th anni :) alhamdulillah..

but at the same time november is gonna kill me until the end of the month!UATs will be NON STOP!! and moi will go bak late eveghy single dayhhhh!erghhh!! and i dun know if i have time for weekends either!! :'( but,i hope december will be nice to me as we will be having sooo many birthdays and partayyyy!! :) hehe..i think as the year end emerging,people tend to be layzee..just like me! :P so they prefer fun more than..err..work?haihh..nak lepakkk je ngan derang boleh?

heee..have a nice day peeps!! hoping for november come to end so i can start dancing in December :) much love xx

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