Thursday, November 17, 2011

hello peeps!! how's your week so far?mine alhamdulillah ok.i'm trying my best to be positive :) oh,not that i have issues or anything.but staying on my own can be quite stressful sometimes (wow contradicted with my previous twitter!i was screaming in my head that i prefer to live alone!:P) but anyhou, it is nice to be staying on your own.cos u tend to decide where the stuffs should be.when to mop the floor.what's for dinner : sandwich,maggi,nasi goreng? haaa..duduk sorang kan..nak masak ape pun?? :P i will end up wasting the i prefer to eat out! :)

talking about eating outside everywhere anywhere anytime..i was in the phase of 'AKU NAK MAKAN SEMUA BENDA YANG AKU TAK PERNAH MAKAN' last year :P so i was not being careful with whatever i eat!so this little miss muffet was 49,50kg went whallopppping 57kgs!! can u believe it?? pfftt!!in a single year!gila ok!and when my aunt told me on this one not so fine day "gemok erin lo ni" i was like what?? gemok is overrated! pfftt!

so i decided to hit the gym.memang nekad gila!like i wanna go there every single day and hour!!huhu ..i was embarrased in front of my cousins and family it really pushed my limit.but somehow i thanked my aunt :P she made me loose weights! hehe..and yeah,after 4months.i am back to where i was.alhamdulillah.. :) but sometimes the scale went up a wee bit since i sometimes skip going to the gym.(i was sick for quite some time) and i am on when i eat these pills,it tend to put me on weight.but alhamdulillah, the 'i have to eat because i am on pills' doesn't work on me anymore.i eat when i have to,ONLY! and do sports and gym more..and now!!! we're back on the track!

i have a new gym buddy!my own best friend!! :) yeayy!! and we're going to play badminton every friday night.and maybe gym on saturday.and jog on sunday!! i am sooo looking forward for my weekends now!! so lets! mari bersukan!!


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