Thursday, November 24, 2011

oh my! can u believe it?? i had been a greaaattt week so far.alhamdulillah!or is it the positive vibes going around me :) well,this week was not so packed with so called UATs and so on.but meetings are alternately coming in and out.kejap pagi.kejap petang.kejap adhoc.we are chasing the vendors to complete their project and they are waaaayy behind schedule.alhamdulillah,my part is almost time time stress ni, i tend to bloghop alot and i love reading nadianazir's blog :) yep,the nadia from fly fm.and boy!! recently, she gets to meet the ever fabulous Kimora Lee Simmons! (no more) oh boy oh boy!! she's sooo lucky!!

and thanks to nadia,photo courtesy of her blog :) she got the closest shot of Kimora in her latest self!! so smoooking hot okay!!!

photo courtesy of Nadia Nazir

i was watching her in Life in the Fab Lane..and that was when she's still pregnant with her baby boy!! and she DID put on a lot!!

and the next thing i know..she's back to FABULOUSITY!! a wooooooofff!!

with her new husband, Djimon Hounsou.alaa pelakon cite ape tu..Heroes kut..and PUSH!haa..yang jadi jahat tu :P but actually!! i think he looked totally different person off the set.i remember watching the show when he and kimora was in the labour room.he looked soooo fatherly :) *melts*melts*

see! even kimora can shrink!! :P i wanna shrink back too! (i saw she drank this green juice made out of vegetables and fruits!!) bleurghhh!! i guess it takes a whoooole lot of guts and determination to be on 'that' stage!:P heee :D okay!just some random post on Kimora :) not that i'm a die hard fan ( even i hafta google for her photos and her information.hehe) but i adore on how she make things done and how strong she was despite being separated and handling two 'cute' girls! ;) hehe..ok peeps.have a nice day! it's gonna be another LOOONGGG weekend! weehooo!! much love xx

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