Friday, November 04, 2011

hello!! apa kabar semuaa??gue lagi sihat2 aja dehhhh :P heheheh alhamdulillah,my trip to Bandoeng turned out to be just fine.but unfortunately,i wasn't enjoying the time of having to walk here and there in greatest pain of 'menses'.haiyooo..sucha spoiler.but!! yours truly TRULY TRULY enjoyed her trip with lovely friends :)

we bought the tickets as early as february.and yes,it's only RM210 for return tickets with AirAsia. worth it! (we were a bit late on purchasing the tix previously, we've might bought the RM100 for return tix.but due to some late responds and replies from dear friends..) but it's okay! we took the flight off at 3.30pm and arrived around 5.30pm (Bandung time) and it's already dark,there. it's like 6.30pm in's just the one hour time difference,but the weather was a whole lot the same :)

taking off :)

so we went straight to our lovely hotel (had been staying here for the past 3 years!) which is only RM60 per head!! breakfast included! and the rooms have A/C and hot water.and really really nice bed.and also Free WIFI! what else do u need?? and it's only 5mins by 'angkut' to Kartika Sari and just 5mins walk to Simpang Raya Nasi Padang! ;) so we checked in,took a shower and went straight to Simpang Raya for yummiest nasi padang.and boy,with the weather so cooling and hungry traveler..i think we ate a HORSE! ;)

and so we went to the nearest outlet,DSE.which is next to Simpang Raya,just glancing thru the outlet and head back to hotel.that night we made plans and make sure that we will wake up early the next morning to get to the main agenda shopping at Pasar Baru!!!

we're in angkut!! getting ready for Pasar Baru!! ;)

hmmm tak sempat amek gambar pun!! amekaw!!hehehe..tapi kalau dikumpulkan semua bag and barang-barang di dalamnya..anda memang akan terkejut! wahahahah!! we spent almost 5-6hours at Pasar Baru.well,i'm cutting some slacks to my darling's their first time,so they are shopping frenzyyyy!! ;P

oh and i had this unique KFC menu in Dago.and it is surely scrumptious!! yum yum!!

looks yummy right?? IS!! super duper yummy!! ♥ and yes,despite the delays..the tiring and super excruciating pain during 'the time of the month'..alhamdulillah i managed to get the 'kain' that i want.heee :D i had fun!but i really miss momsie and daddy-o with lil brother.having them around is wayyyy FUNNER :P o-hana!hehe..okay,i'm gonna have another long holidays for Aidil Adha too!! i hope to have a nice weekend!! to you too! may Allah bless all of you and have a nice Aidil Adha =) much love xx

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