Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Assalamualaikum.hello peeps! how was your Maal Hijrah?what's your new year's resolution?this new Muharram definitely tested my patience..Ya Allah..only god knows how my heart breaks!it started with Thursday evening when i was looking forward to head back to TTDI since i was taking a day off on Friday to settle my car roadtax insurance.USUALLY,i just call the person in charge and i will just pick it up the next day.(sorry i'm not interested with myEG cause i prefer to pick up the thing and look at it if just in case anything goes wrong)

as i was driving back to TTDI with my sister, an unfortunate event happened.i was driving past a bus..and KAPLAKKK!! my side mirror hit the side part of the bus and broke!Ya Allah! i was in shocked! imagine my sis, who was sitting just beside the broken side mirror.it was really bad that it cost me my freshly baked salary :( baruuuu masuk gaji..dah melayang..i couldn't stop during the incident as the cars were all speeding.i have no choice but to drive straight home :( and thanks to my laling sister for actually HOLDING the side mirror so it won't fell off my CAR!! T___T huuuu..berkecai hati tengok!!

i hafta taped it so it won't fell of my car on the way to the workshop.tsk tsk T___T

not just that,as soon as i fixed my side mirror..it was onlyyyy saturday right??on Awal Muharram, i was again, tested! my car was hit!ya Allah this time was really badddd!! that it dented and my fender fell off!! KEMEK and tercabut! T____T and this time,the impact was so hard that it made my car's front hood's alignment slightly OUT..sigh sigh sigh..ya Allah..besar betul dugaan :'( and the door hinge was slanting causing the door could not be opened! so i have to enter the car from the passenger's side ;( sedih kannnn?? subhanAllah..dugaan betul..but i know..these are all kifarah dosa.i DID few 'sins' before :D ermm..something like karma.cos i DID hit someone's car last two years..and it was the car's mistake,mind u! it was parked at the side of a road.but it was only two lanes,and because of the car,i have to drive in the middle squeezing in between another car which was honking on my right.i have no choice but to squeeze my car in between!causing me to hit the stupid stalled car's side mirror.kaplaakkk!! tercampak ok!! i saw it!! it was scarry!! but i stopped my car.and went to check on the car.but there was no driver in the car! (double stupid driver!) so i have no choice but to drive away :( shaking!! and now,guess what?? i got that right back at me.the same side mirror.on the left.and yep,terkulai layu di tasik madu :(

and then..on one fine morning.it was one cool morning.it was just right after the drizzle.i heard a bang.but i couldn't be bothered to wake up from bed.i mean,how could one expect?? i wasn't even driving the car! haiyooo..suddenly..i heard dad called me.and i saw this :'(

i was seriously blur! MAMAIII..and all i can see was this dent,kemek,pintu taleh bukak and front hood alignment slanted! arghhhh!! what else!!!!what else did i do that made me deserve such bad karma on such fine morning!!subhanAllah..apparently someone reversed his car,and kabammm!!didn't notice my little myVi behind his car.and was driving straight into it!and i wasn't in the car driving!!FTW :'( haihhh..and i showed fiza the picture..and again,it hit me back! she told me about the two years back incident.i was driving with fizz at this 'one' place.and we hit someone's car while i was reversing it in FULL SPEED!! haiyooo..amekaw!! karma weyhh karma!! :'( but i know..all the 'sins' i've done are all paid now.i am blessed and cursed at the same time :P but alhamdulillah..i now know that i don't have any debt to those innocents people.(sebab semua kejadian adalah langgar lari oleh saya.sekian) so,that was how my new year started.i hope it will move on towards a better end :) amin..

but alhamdulillah..all is fixed now.insyaAllah i won't think (silently in my head) of getting a new car just yet..nanti myVi majuk :P but at least i've fixed all the dents i've collected for the past 3 years! hahaha..so i won't reminiscence the scars.ecewahhh :P so..azam tahun baru saya ialah untuk menjadi lebih penyabar,bawak kereta dengan lebih berhati-hati dan tidak melanggar lari kereta orang lain :P aminn..but these are few among of my new year's resolution.banyak lagi benda nak improve dalam hidup ni :) insyaAllah..how was your new year?? mine was a wee bit bumpy start..but i DID have a great day after the incident.it was my anni with encik and my laling farah's birthday! will update soon! have a good week peeps! much love xx

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