Monday, November 21, 2011

i can't wait!! i dunno why! i can't wait for this Friday to come!and i can't wait for Saturday too!! arghhh!! i am super duper dizzy wizzy content that i feel like making a cartwheel! hehehe..and oh! i had aweeesome weekends!! (as always!) played badminton twice this week!and went for a great workout with nadz! i like this! sucha positive vibes.make me feel satisfied.insyaAllah..dipermudahkan :) kan, nadz?? and went to Emy and Syed's wedding.finally!! they are married :) alhamdulillah for both of them! and i hope they will live happily ever after.insyaAlah :)

and oh my!! i can't wait for December 3rd too!! i hope that everyone will be happy!especially the birthday girl of course! ♥ hehe..she had been throwing oh so oh-sem birthday bash to all of us! and i think she deserves a good one too! :) and now,i wanna have a good week ahead and enjoy every single day :) i can't believe mister and me is gonna be TWO :) alhamdulillah two awesome years! and do pray for us to end our 'singlehood' by next year.hehe..(gatal ke?) ahahaha..insyaAllah..if it's will always be :) so peeps! have a nice week!! and this weekend is gonna be a looonnggg one.just in case u didn't noticed,Awal Muharram is just around the corner :) semoga tahun ini dapat memberikan manfaat kepada kita semua! much love xx

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