Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Assalamualaikum.hello peeps! how was your Maal Hijrah?what's your new year's resolution?this new Muharram definitely tested my patience..Ya Allah..only god knows how my heart breaks!it started with Thursday evening when i was looking forward to head back to TTDI since i was taking a day off on Friday to settle my car roadtax insurance.USUALLY,i just call the person in charge and i will just pick it up the next day.(sorry i'm not interested with myEG cause i prefer to pick up the thing and look at it if just in case anything goes wrong)

as i was driving back to TTDI with my sister, an unfortunate event happened.i was driving past a bus..and KAPLAKKK!! my side mirror hit the side part of the bus and broke!Ya Allah! i was in shocked! imagine my sis, who was sitting just beside the broken side mirror.it was really bad that it cost me my freshly baked salary :( baruuuu masuk gaji..dah melayang..i couldn't stop during the incident as the cars were all speeding.i have no choice but to drive straight home :( and thanks to my laling sister for actually HOLDING the side mirror so it won't fell off my CAR!! T___T huuuu..berkecai hati tengok!!

i hafta taped it so it won't fell of my car on the way to the workshop.tsk tsk T___T

not just that,as soon as i fixed my side mirror..it was onlyyyy saturday right??on Awal Muharram, i was again, tested! my car was hit!ya Allah this time was really badddd!! that it dented and my fender fell off!! KEMEK and tercabut! T____T and this time,the impact was so hard that it made my car's front hood's alignment slightly OUT..sigh sigh sigh..ya Allah..besar betul dugaan :'( and the door hinge was slanting causing the door could not be opened! so i have to enter the car from the passenger's side ;( sedih kannnn?? subhanAllah..dugaan betul..but i know..these are all kifarah dosa.i DID few 'sins' before :D ermm..something like karma.cos i DID hit someone's car last two years..and it was the car's mistake,mind u! it was parked at the side of a road.but it was only two lanes,and because of the car,i have to drive in the middle squeezing in between another car which was honking on my right.i have no choice but to squeeze my car in between!causing me to hit the stupid stalled car's side mirror.kaplaakkk!! tercampak ok!! i saw it!! it was scarry!! but i stopped my car.and went to check on the car.but there was no driver in the car! (double stupid driver!) so i have no choice but to drive away :( shaking!! and now,guess what?? i got that right back at me.the same side mirror.on the left.and yep,terkulai layu di tasik madu :(

and then..on one fine morning.it was one cool morning.it was just right after the drizzle.i heard a bang.but i couldn't be bothered to wake up from bed.i mean,how could one expect?? i wasn't even driving the car! haiyooo..suddenly..i heard dad called me.and i saw this :'(

i was seriously blur! MAMAIII..and all i can see was this dent,kemek,pintu taleh bukak and front hood alignment slanted! arghhhh!! what else!!!!what else did i do that made me deserve such bad karma on such fine morning!!subhanAllah..apparently someone reversed his car,and kabammm!!didn't notice my little myVi behind his car.and was driving straight into it!and i wasn't in the car driving!!FTW :'( haihhh..and i showed fiza the picture..and again,it hit me back! she told me about the two years back incident.i was driving with fizz at this 'one' place.and we hit someone's car while i was reversing it in FULL SPEED!! haiyooo..amekaw!! karma weyhh karma!! :'( but i know..all the 'sins' i've done are all paid now.i am blessed and cursed at the same time :P but alhamdulillah..i now know that i don't have any debt to those innocents people.(sebab semua kejadian adalah langgar lari oleh saya.sekian) so,that was how my new year started.i hope it will move on towards a better end :) amin..

but alhamdulillah..all is fixed now.insyaAllah i won't think (silently in my head) of getting a new car just yet..nanti myVi majuk :P but at least i've fixed all the dents i've collected for the past 3 years! hahaha..so i won't reminiscence the scars.ecewahhh :P so..azam tahun baru saya ialah untuk menjadi lebih penyabar,bawak kereta dengan lebih berhati-hati dan tidak melanggar lari kereta orang lain :P aminn..but these are few among of my new year's resolution.banyak lagi benda nak improve dalam hidup ni :) insyaAllah..how was your new year?? mine was a wee bit bumpy start..but i DID have a great day after the incident.it was my anni with encik and my laling farah's birthday! will update soon! have a good week peeps! much love xx

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

oh my! can u believe it?? i had been a greaaattt week so far.alhamdulillah!or is it the positive vibes going around me :) well,this week was not so packed with so called UATs and so on.but meetings are alternately coming in and out.kejap pagi.kejap petang.kejap adhoc.we are chasing the vendors to complete their project and they are waaaayy behind schedule.alhamdulillah,my part is almost done.so time time stress ni, i tend to bloghop alot and i love reading nadianazir's blog :) yep,the nadia from fly fm.and boy!! recently, she gets to meet the ever fabulous Kimora Lee Simmons! (no more) oh boy oh boy!! she's sooo lucky!!

and thanks to nadia,photo courtesy of her blog :) she got the closest shot of Kimora in her latest self!! so smoooking hot okay!!!

photo courtesy of Nadia Nazir

i was watching her in Life in the Fab Lane..and that was when she's still pregnant with her baby boy!! and she DID put on a lot!!

and the next thing i know..she's back to FABULOUSITY!! a wooooooofff!!

with her new husband, Djimon Hounsou.alaa pelakon cite ape tu..Heroes kut..and PUSH!haa..yang jadi jahat tu :P but actually!! i think he looked totally different person off the set.i remember watching the show when he and kimora was in the labour room.he looked soooo fatherly :) *melts*melts*

see! even kimora can shrink!! :P i wanna shrink back too! (i saw she drank this green juice made out of vegetables and fruits!!) bleurghhh!! i guess it takes a whoooole lot of guts and determination to be on 'that' stage!:P heee :D okay!just some random post on Kimora :) not that i'm a die hard fan ( even i hafta google for her photos and her information.hehe) but i adore on how she make things done and how strong she was despite being separated and handling two 'cute' girls! ;) hehe..ok peeps.have a nice day! it's gonna be another LOOONGGG weekend! weehooo!! much love xx

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Monday, November 21, 2011

i can't wait!! i dunno why! i can't wait for this Friday to come!and i can't wait for Saturday too!! arghhh!! i am super duper dizzy wizzy content that i feel like making a cartwheel! hehehe..and oh! i had aweeesome weekends!! (as always!) played badminton twice this week!and went for a great workout with nadz! i like this! sucha positive vibes.make me feel satisfied.insyaAllah..dipermudahkan :) kan, nadz?? and went to Emy and Syed's wedding.finally!! they are married :) alhamdulillah for both of them! and i hope they will live happily ever after.insyaAlah :)

and oh my!! i can't wait for December 3rd too!! i hope that everyone will be happy!especially the birthday girl of course! ♥ hehe..she had been throwing oh so oh-sem birthday bash to all of us! and i think she deserves a good one too! :) and now,i wanna have a good week ahead and enjoy every single day :) i can't believe mister and me is gonna be TWO :) alhamdulillah two awesome years! and do pray for us to end our 'singlehood' by next year.hehe..(gatal ke?) ahahaha..insyaAllah..if it's fated.it will always be :) so peeps! have a nice week!! and this weekend is gonna be a looonnggg one.just in case u didn't noticed,Awal Muharram is just around the corner :) semoga tahun ini dapat memberikan manfaat kepada kita semua! much love xx

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Friday, November 18, 2011

photo courtesy of Sea of Shoes

cute kan? i love reading her blog! sea of shoes she has AMAYYYYZING shoes!! ♥ ♥ and she has nice figure too right?haihhh..body idaman :P have a nice weekend peeps! i know i will!! (^____^) much love xx

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

hello peeps!! how's your week so far?mine alhamdulillah ok.i'm trying my best to be positive :) oh,not that i have issues or anything.but staying on my own can be quite stressful sometimes (wow contradicted with my previous twitter!i was screaming in my head that i prefer to live alone!:P) but anyhou, it is nice to be staying on your own.cos u tend to decide where the stuffs should be.when to mop the floor.what's for dinner : sandwich,maggi,nasi goreng? haaa..duduk sorang kan..nak masak ape pun?? :P i will end up wasting the food.so i prefer to eat out! :)

talking about eating outside everywhere anywhere anytime..i was in the phase of 'AKU NAK MAKAN SEMUA BENDA YANG AKU TAK PERNAH MAKAN' last year :P so i was not being careful with whatever i eat!so this little miss muffet was 49,50kg went whallopppping 57kgs!! can u believe it?? pfftt!!in a single year!gila ok!and when my aunt told me on this one not so fine day "gemok erin lo ni" i was like what?? gemok is overrated! pfftt!

so i decided to hit the gym.memang nekad gila!like i wanna go there every single day and hour!!huhu ..i was embarrased in front of my cousins and family ok.so it really pushed my limit.but somehow i thanked my aunt :P she made me loose weights! hehe..and yeah,after 4months.i am back to where i was.alhamdulillah.. :) but sometimes the scale went up a wee bit since i sometimes skip going to the gym.(i was sick for quite some time) and i am on pills.so when i eat these pills,it tend to put me on weight.but alhamdulillah, the 'i have to eat because i am on pills' doesn't work on me anymore.i eat when i have to,ONLY! and do sports and gym more..and now!!! we're back on the track!

i have a new gym buddy!my own best friend!! :) yeayy!! and we're going to play badminton every friday night.and maybe gym on saturday.and jog on sunday!! i am sooo looking forward for my weekends now!! so lets! mari bersukan!!


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Friday, November 11, 2011

i was browsing thru one of my favourite blog, Kristomatic.**click here**she took such amazing photos!! i love every single picture she took :) and i came across this entry on ** Paris ** it made me missing Paris soo much!! i guess everyone is blogging on Paris lately and it makes me wanna go there again~

i was lucky enough to spend a day in Paris,despite the unfortunate event of 'pick pocketing'.i miss the beautiful weather and the beautiful architectures :) i feel like going back in ancient time..imagine if they build those buildings with no cranes or modern technology!! each and every single part of the Eiffel Tower was put together by three hundred workers joined together 18,038 pieces of puddled iron (a very pure form of structural iron), using two and a half million rivets! awesome right??ahh i miss the beautiful scenery in Paris and such beautiful structures too!

pretty right? :) i wish i will come again some day..or perhaps we could try barcelona? :)

** cantiks **

have a nice week peeps!much love xx

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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

hi!! how's your day so far?mine alhamdulillah..i am looooking forward for my first badminton night with ma girls!! ♥ and then,i came across few pictures while i was back in Japan..and..when i was still wearing my braces!!serious macam gangster mana tah! i was not a friendly face!! kalau gelak nampak semua besi ni! kalau gelak tutup mulut konfem luka sampai ulcer2 semua!haaa..

and thennnnn..i came across a picture of us (me,lela and fizz back when we were totally DIFFERENT!!) but you can see the differences between these two photos.sape yang makin tembam,sape yang dah mengecut! hahahaha and sape yang super duper glowing!!

that's lela,baru tengah bercinta kut time tu! hehehe so cute kan!! like apple :P and that's fizz,veryy super duper kurus..and that is me (ye,i was 45 remember??) and Yuki, my Japanese friend

and here comes then! hahahahah ok,sape makin cantik,tembam and kurus..sila fill in blanks sendiri ye :P but i think all of us are glowing!! :D

but if you can see in the recent photo of shila with the previous photo of shila after this photo aa..hehehe so comel ok.we were all soooo comot! and skinnyyy!! :P

ok jangan gelak! time ni semua orang adalah athlete sekolah so sumpah semua gelap nak mampos!:P and ermm..i dunno why i feel like we were wayyy thinner back then and yet people keep on telling you that you're much thinner than before..hmm confused! :P

ok dah.JANGAN GELAK!! :P have a nice weekend peeps!! much love xx

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

weeee!! it's already the month of November!gosh!how time flies like jet!:P and i can't believe that it's already Novembre!! first,of course cause it's my laling's birthday soon!! *ehem2* and also,insyaAllah..our 24th anni :) alhamdulillah..

but at the same time november is gonna kill me until the end of the month!UATs will be NON STOP!! and moi will go bak late eveghy single dayhhhh!erghhh!! and i dun know if i have time for weekends either!! :'( but,i hope december will be nice to me as we will be having sooo many birthdays and partayyyy!! :) hehe..i think as the year end emerging,people tend to be layzee..just like me! :P so they prefer fun more than..err..work?haihh..nak lepakkk je ngan derang boleh?

heee..have a nice day peeps!! hoping for november come to end so i can start dancing in December :) much love xx

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Friday, November 04, 2011

hello!! apa kabar semuaa??gue lagi sihat2 aja dehhhh :P heheheh alhamdulillah,my trip to Bandoeng turned out to be just fine.but unfortunately,i wasn't enjoying the time of having to walk here and there in greatest pain of 'menses'.haiyooo..sucha spoiler.but!! yours truly TRULY TRULY enjoyed her trip with lovely friends :)

we bought the tickets as early as february.and yes,it's only RM210 for return tickets with AirAsia. worth it! (we were a bit late on purchasing the tix previously, we've might bought the RM100 for return tix.but due to some late responds and replies from dear friends..) but it's okay! we took the flight off at 3.30pm and arrived around 5.30pm (Bandung time) and it's already dark,there. it's like 6.30pm in Malaysia.it's just the one hour time difference,but the weather was a whole lot the same :)

taking off :)

so we went straight to our lovely hotel (had been staying here for the past 3 years!) which is only RM60 per head!! breakfast included! and the rooms have A/C and hot water.and really really nice bed.and also Free WIFI! what else do u need?? and it's only 5mins by 'angkut' to Kartika Sari and just 5mins walk to Simpang Raya Nasi Padang! ;) so we checked in,took a shower and went straight to Simpang Raya for yummiest nasi padang.and boy,with the weather so cooling and hungry traveler..i think we ate a HORSE! ;)

and so we went to the nearest outlet,DSE.which is next to Simpang Raya,just glancing thru the outlet and head back to hotel.that night we made plans and make sure that we will wake up early the next morning to get to the main agenda shopping at Pasar Baru!!!

we're in angkut!! getting ready for Pasar Baru!! ;)

hmmm tak sempat amek gambar pun!! amekaw!!hehehe..tapi kalau dikumpulkan semua bag and barang-barang di dalamnya..anda memang akan terkejut! wahahahah!! we spent almost 5-6hours at Pasar Baru.well,i'm cutting some slacks to my darling friends.it's their first time,so they are shopping frenzyyyy!! ;P

oh and i had this unique KFC menu in Dago.and it is surely scrumptious!! yum yum!!

looks yummy right?? hehehe..it IS!! super duper yummy!! ♥ and yes,despite the delays..the tiring and super excruciating pain during 'the time of the month'..alhamdulillah i managed to get the 'kain' that i want.heee :D i had fun!but i really miss momsie and daddy-o with lil brother.having them around is wayyyy FUNNER :P o-hana!hehe..okay,i'm gonna have another long holidays for Aidil Adha too!! i hope to have a nice weekend!! to you too! may Allah bless all of you and have a nice Aidil Adha =) much love xx

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