Monday, October 03, 2011

hello!me is not feeling well today.or even yesterday :( i went to see the doctor today,as i had this cough since friday.and the doctor told me to do blood test..

haih..the blood test result came out and this little monster is having the usual low hemoglobin (again!) due to lack of irons in the blood (sape suruh tak makan sayur!!) nota kaki : saya memang ada Anemia Iron deficiency.since dulu,but its nothing's just because i don't eat much of veggies..jadi bila demam pun,dia lambat sket nak sembuh.huhu..

so,i am taking an MC today (doctor tak bagi pun,but i made my own MC sebab tak larat nak pegi keje) and i hope i will get well by the end of the week.this week is gonna be a hectic one for me! :(

on better note,today is momsie's birthday! happy birthday mommy!! i ♥ u!! may Allah bless u always and i wish you all the happiness in the world :) aminnn ya rabb..

with her new birthday watch

Dear Allah,may you ease up this whole week for many things need to be done! will update more soon when she's much better..much love xx

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