Monday, October 24, 2011

hello!! goshhh..fuuhh fuhh..kasi tiup sket blog bersawang nih :P's your weekend?? alhamdulillah,despite the crazy weekdays and haywired everywhere..i was a wee bit mixture of happy and sad.but the sad part,is just a teeeny please ignore.

the whole week gone pass super fast!! the only thing i could remember was having a damn pain on thursday,and hafta rushed to the hospital..for,not by ambulance,thank God.i was just having a false alarm..but,still..i went to the nearest clinic to get myself checked.and the doctor gave me some antibiotics for my pain to subside..and some painkillers.and i'm going for another appoinment tomorrow.i really hope it was nothing!fanauzubillah..

and the same night, i went to meet my lalings LILO,azz,nadz,and shila to celebrate lela's few last days before flying off to Kemaman for work :( she's working for Schlumberger now..congrats lilo!! ♥ good for u :) and so we had a nice dinner at Ben's, KLCC.the food was niceeee!! but the waiting sucks!! glad that we couldn't be bothered to be pissed off,so we indulged ourselves in the hot and juicy gossip..hehe..

and the next day,i went for the usual walk at the park.went to TESCO,bought some stuffs for the coming soon trip (can't wait!!) and head home.straight to bed :P woke up at 330pm,went to +Wondermilk with azz and met up the girls nadz,fizz,eija and inarah for our reunion discussion! yeayyy!! glad we came out with ideas for the places,time,budgets and everything.and it was fun to meet old friends!! so we stayed til 630,and head home.

little adra was there too!! of course! who's gonna take our picture otherwise :P

my sunday was the best! :) suka sangat!!i get to meet my MUSTARDS!! (hahaha id,thanks for the name!) we had greatttt breakfast and catching ups after god know how long!!and all the updates are UPDATED!lol..and yes,we must do this every week pleasee!!! sehari seminggu pun takpe! sempat nak rindu korang for another 6 days and kumpul cerita! ;P

and i was shocked with a news too!! and i am happy..and blessed :) ♥ i will let u know when the time is for now.i am sleeping with a smile every single night and i am 'SURE' now :) heee..i had a great weekend!how about you? and i am now counting days for BANDOENG!can u believe it?? another 4 days to go!! weeee~~ can't wait!! have a nice day,peeps! much love xx

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