Tuesday, October 18, 2011

hi peeps!! how you doing? :) alhamdulillah i am back to the pinkest health.but a wee bit of coughing if accounting with cooooldddd air conditioning.he he..but else than that,yours truly had gone jogged for a good 45 minutes at the park last sunday..with lilo sleeping in bed 'SNORINGLY' haha

as u all know,i was away for a week.i had flu and fever for almost a week! alhamdulillah i was getting better on weekends.managed to get to Jid's son, Arshad's aqiqah and Lam + Izal's wedding.and so many things happened over the weekend! i thought i was going to be sick again!too busy and not enough sleep! pfftt!! but alhamdulillah,taking the antibiotics helped me to recover..fully.alhamdulillah :)

so lately i am really eyeing whatever goes into my tummy..i was told that i have a very loooowww iron in my body.so now i hafta start to be 'friends' with all those veggies.urghh!! (i wonder how vivy can be so fit and yet,not eating veggies.hehe) doctor also told me to go back to my old weight..which is 48kgs.heuhehu..*sniff*sniff*cryyyyy (ala ala nicki minaj) i am in the normal BMI.alhamdulillah..but she asked me to loose a wee bit more.apekah?? so dengan ini,saya kenalah menjaga pemakanan saya.well,it is more to eat more veggies.because aa..i read aa..those veggies really helps woo...(baru tahu ke erin oiii!!) they have fibres,and also water and all these nutritions to help me be in a good shape!

however, i am still working on it.but i 'thought' i've eaten enough veggies,you see.i eat salad!like sayur salad~ not those salad with thousand island kind of thing..hehe..and i eat urmm, cucumber,kacang botol,asparagus,spinach,kailan with ikan masin,kacang panjang,a weee bit of carrots,taugeh,cabbage is my favourite! :D and hmm what else..i think i do eat sawi sometimes.oh is potato,veggie? :P i eat potatoes too!and tempe too!! heee..ok tu je..i don't really fancy onions though.tak cukup eh? :P if any cookings included these veggies,i don't mind munching them! but other than that aa,sowieeee..they tasted RAW!! ewww!! hahahahah

so now i am slowly looking at my choices of veggies and dishes like not too oily,and nasi goreng is need to be put aside from time to time.but actually,nasi goreng has everything inside you see..especially my favorite beef fried rice : carbs (rice),protien (beef) and some sawi and jagung (veggies) enough right? :P i wonder how does people doesn't eat meat and chicken and urm rice! fewh~!! really tough life there!i wish u all the best!hahahaha but yeah,i can see these people looking lean and super slim..jealous!>:P oh well, let see how it goes..i had been battling with this since the day i gained 5 kilos last 5 years..pfftt!!shake it shake it off fatty bom bom!! we need to get back to normal here :P heee..have a nice day peeps! much love xx

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