Thursday, October 06, 2011

talking about sincerity, it reminds me of HJ's entry previously.she was talking on how a woman should sincere in whatever she do towards her family (husband,children and family) it just hit me right in the face.well,of course not on me and my non existant husband and child of course.but it hit me right in the face when it comes to sincerity..

i realized that i had been not in the pinkest i tend to become grumpy.everything seems a hassle to me.even just to get off the bed when the maid came in and need to clean up my room (THAT grumpy!) so when i am grumpy,everything that i was meant to do becomes 'hassle'.when i hafta do something,i become super duper lazy and yep,insincere! :(

even doing the work in the office lately makes me feel like "what's the point of me doing this? it's not even supposed to be my task!" or something like "i was not supposed to attend the meeting at the first place,why should i even bother go and being someone's substitute??" urghhh!! i feel like smashing everything that was not supposed to be assigned to me :( i feel that it's unfair and yes,if i hafta do it though,i will do it unwillingly.but after reading HJ's entry.i just realized that..Ya Allah,what am i doing?

i started to realize that every single thing that i do unwillingly or insincerely, i just end up being unhappy and i right? you just couldn't feel the pleasure of accomplishing the fact, you will be MORE grumpy and you just hate your work each and every day! so,like HJ said,be sincere.isn't it WORKING is an ibadah too? it's a way of making your own rezeki :) so,why not change sincere in what you do.slowly..but surely..insyaAllah,someday you will feel that every thing that you done sincerely,is worthwhile :) amin..much love xx

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